• Photo courtesy of Lejla Arapcic

    Pro-Palestine Rally Draws More Than a Thousand

    Hundreds of people supporting the Palestinian cause gathered Tuesday evening in downtown Boston. Starting in Copley Square, protesters marched to the steps of the Massachusetts State House, while a smaller pro-Israel demonstration followed them along their route.

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    Millennials Actually Care About Things, Studies Show

    The oft-cited adage that Millennials care only about themselves is the ongoing reasoning behind many of the problems of this generation. Taking a quick look at the selfie-taking, Facebook updating, Twitter posting youth, this may seem an accurate explanation, but new research about Generation Y more »

  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/MTSOfan

    Why ENFJ is as Meaningless as ABCD

    The MBTI is just about as likely to accurately predict your personality type as a Buzzfeed quiz is likely to accurately predict which U.S. president you are most like.

The Gavel’s Declassified BC Survival Guide

Not in CSOM? Not a Problem.

by Carson Truesdell in Class of 2018

Remember that all four schools are dedicated to helping you learn and succeed after you graduate.


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