Video: Cool Things to do with a GoPro

“Hey man, you got a GoPro? Right on. Let’s take it out and go shred” – Every shaggy-haired kid with a GoPro, ever.
Or so I imagine.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the GoPro. On one hand, it’s this awesome, durable camera that can go anywhere and do anything, and anyone with 300 bucks can strap a camera to their helmet and make high intensity films that previously only people with a lot of resources could make – but at the same time.. anyone with 300 bucks can just strap a camera to their helmet and off they go. Well, to each his own I suppose. Let’s just not talk about those kids who grab a GoPro for their weekend in Vail with their family. Instead, I present to you some awesomely cool things to do with a GoPro:

We’ve all seen the sports vids, how about…

1. Get In Touch with Nature
And I mean really get in touch:

Some say this isn’t real, but I say it’s cool either way.

Lions, sharks, and seagulls, oh my! That’s how that goes, right?

2. Attach it to your dog
Ok, ok, maybe it’s not the most original idea and maybe dogs don’t exactly like having a camera on their collar, but come on! So cute!

See? Adorable.

3. Attach it to an RC car…

4. …Or a Hula Hoop

There you have it. Check back often for the Video Department’s video posts.



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