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My friends and I decided to get creative one rainy morning and make ourselves a big brunch.  Partially because of this blog and partially because we are all trying to save money, my friends and I have ended up cooking a lot this summer (side note: my friends especially love this blog because a lot of times I just end up cooking for them), but we had never done brunch before.   As usual, I took a few breakfast food recipes off my Pinterest.

The best recipe we made was one for biscuits with eggs, cheese, and bacon on the inside.  They remind me of the breakfast sandwiches my brother and I used to get every Wednesday on the way to high school (i.e, they are to die for) and they are super easy to make.  Just make scrambled eggs, fry or microwave bacon, and put it all together with cheese in the ready-made Pillsbury biscuit dough.  Once you wrap the dough around the filling, you put them in a cupcake tin and bake them in the oven.  The cheese melts, and you have a delicious (and portable) breakfast.  You could probably put other breakfast foods like sausage in the biscuits as well to suit your tastes, or leave out the bacon to make it slightly healthier.

The other recipe we made was for eggs frittatas cooked directly in a cupcake tin.  This is a super easy way to make eggs with all the mix-ins you would normally put in an omelet.  Crack an egg in a bowl, whisk it and add in cheese, tomatoes, spinach, or whatever else you like with your eggs, and pour the mixture into an individual spot in the cupcake pan.  Once you’ve filled the pan, you just bake them in the oven.  These did not turn out great when I made them because the link on Pinterest did not include directions on exactly how long to leave them in the oven, but since then I have found a better link for the recipe.

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