BC Athletics is rewriting history here

A few days ago, the BC Athletics website launched a poll to determine the “Top 20 Boston College ‘Fan Favorite’ Football Players.”  The list of nominated players is divided into four categories: “Early Years,” “Golden Years,” “BC Rises” and “The New Era.”  Sadly, even when trying to celebrate the history of a once-great football program, the Athletic Department can’t help but highlight its current shortcomings.

The problem lies with the nomination and description of BC’s all-time leading rusher, Montel Harris:

As bizarre as it may seem for the department to celebrate the career of a guy it just unceremoniously kicked off the team, the strangest part is the year next to Montel’s name.  Even though a disclaimer at the top of the page states that “Year indicated is final playing year,” the post seems to have chosen to ignore the fact that Montel Harris played on the team in 2011.

True, last season he was limited to a small number of games by injury, and the NCAA did grant him a fifth year of eligibility because of his lack of playing time, but why in the world would BC Athletics simply pretend that Montel did not play at all?  It was, after all, during 2011 that Montel became the school’s all-time leading rusher.

The year may simply be a typo (the full list of players does confuse the time periods of the respective careers of Marc Colombo and Anthony Castonzo), although given that Luke Kuechly’s final year at BC is correctly presented a few lines below Montel’s, that possibility seems unlikely.  It would appear that someone in the Athletic Department is hoping that BC fans forget everything about the 2011 season that didn’t involve Luke Kuechly’s incredible statistics.

From the embarrassing losing streak to start the year, to the 4-8 final record that saw the 12-year streak of bowl appearances end, followed by the shocking dismissal of the team’s most beloved offensive player since Matt Ryan, 2011 was definitely NOT a year for SuperFans to remember.  But fudging Montel Harris’ career stats is not the change that is going to solve the problem.



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