Ylvis takes on Massachusetts

I’m a Ylvis fan. You’re a Ylvis fan. We’re all Ylvis fans.

We’re also a fan of the great state of Massachusetts. If you’re not, I kindly ask you to transfer schools right this instant. Have some pride!

Hailing from the Bay State myself, the appearance of Ylvis’ newest comedic music video, “Massachusetts,” caused two reactions from my Masshole friends and I: first, excitement that a popular Norwegian comedy duo would write a song about us, and secondly, confusion as to why in the world they would go from writing about fox noises to… well… a pretty “normal” place, as far as states go.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 5.50.21 PM

The normalcy of the whole video was what was so funny about it. The local dance group from Pingryville, the Bank of America backdrop, the legitimate tastiness of brie–but am I the only person who didn’t know Nelson Mandela has a house here? Still speculative on that one. I actually tried researching it and got no answers, so I guess I’ll have to take their word for it.

My absolute favorite part was at 3:28 when the camera focuses in on a wooden sign reading, “Fan-Ta-Sea.” Ylvis was right on with this shot; there are a gazillion different ocean and beach word play variations out there and I come across them constantly. In fact, I got a graduation present from my mom that was a necklace that reads: “Seas the day.” The funniest part is she didn’t even notice it didn’t say “seize,” but that’s a whole other reaction article in the making. Oh Massachusetts, land of a thousand puns.

An alarm went off when I noticed the abundance of old men in this video. We’re not Florida, Ylvis. This brings me to my main reaction from the video (other than the lack of mention of Martha’s Vineyard—which is definitely the best thing about this state. I have some bias, I guess): what’s with all the gay references? Actually, it’s not just a reference but more of a statement: “Checking out the nightlife, and suddenly you’re sucking on a c*ck.” Well that’s upfront.

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Is this their way of supporting Massachusetts’ recognition of gay marriage? I suppose since they’re so in love with our state that it must be their way of giving us a head nod, but I can’t say I wasn’t a bit confused about their intent. Comedic effect perhaps? They certainly got a reaction out of me.

All in all, a weird video, but not in the way “The Fox” was weird. No, they have also mastered the weirdness of the average. Watch out The Lonely Island, Ylvis is taking over.

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