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Top 10 A$AP Rocky songs

A$AP Rocky is headlining his first show at Boston's House of Blues in a few weeks on Friday, September 28th.  His debut album is scheduled for release next month, and with respect to Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar, we consider him the biggest star in hip-hop yet to put out a major-label record (except The Weeknd, of course.  And full disclosure, we said the same thing about J. Cole in spring 2011, so take that how you will).

Honestly, we held off on an A$AP list when tickets for his Boston show first went on sale because we figured that everyone at BC already was very familiar with his music.  With the first weekend back on campus now gone by, we'll admit that we were very, very wrong.  And with the Fall Concert (hopefully) coming up and no headliners yet announced, there's no harm in getting one of the hottest young acts in pop music involved in that discussion.  (Editor's Note: In 2010, there was a popular rumor going around campus that BC refused to sign off on Ke$ha headlining the Spring Concert.  We have no reason to expect that anyone else with a dollar sign in his or her name will be coming anytime soon.) 

Anyway, without further ado...


10. 4 Loko (Smoke DZA's Rolling Stoned)


"4 Loko" is technically a Smoke DZA song, and A$AP is limited to chorus duties, but we included it here because it's a banger that gets us all nostalgic for the days when BC was sending out emails warning us about the dangers of "badness in a can."

9. Trilla (LiveLoveA$AP)


There's nothing we could write about this song that would be more insightful than the Big Ghost review of the LiveLoveA$AP mixtape.  Click the link, scroll to track 8, and enjoy (language way past rated-R).

8. Ridin' (Feat. Lana Del Rey)


This duet with the lovely Lana Del Rey was leaked a few months ago.  A$AP quickly took to Twitter to declare that it wasn't the official version and that the people responsible for leaking it could perform a dirty sex act on him.  Still, it's way too good to exclude here, and if a revised version appears on LongLiveA$AP, all the better.

7. Demons (LiveLoveA$AP)


The pre-bonus track closer on A$AP's debut mixtape finds him getting about as close to introspective as he ever has.  There are some choice lines, but honestly you could play the instrumental on loop and be all set.

6. Big Spender (Theophilus London's Lover's Holiday II: Rose Island )


"Big Spender" has a pretty long goofy intro, but once that beat drops 26 seconds in... OH MY GOD.  Try not to start dancing.  It's even better the second time, right after A$AP sets up his verse by talking about his new kangaroo jacket.

5. Palace (LiveLoveA$AP)


The opening track to A$AP's debut mixtape is every bit as epic and cocky as you'd expect from the guy who got famous rapping about "Purple Swag" and nicknaming himself "that pretty motherfucker."

4. Hands On The Wheel (Schoolboy Q's Habits & Contradictions)


Schoolboy Q's banger samples a cover of a KiD CuDi record, but it's A$AP stealing the show with one of the most impressive verses he's yet put on wax.

3. Peso (LiveLoveA$AP)


"Peso" features A$AP Rocky's famous hello to the world: "I be that pretty mothefucker, Harlem's what I'm reppin'."  And speaking of his most impressive verses, the alphabet wordplay in the second verse is enough to turn any doubter into a fan.

2. Goldie (LongLiveA$AP)


The lead single off Rocky's upcoming debut album does not disappoint.  A glorious celebration of excess, the song features some great lines about top-of-the-line champagne preferences and "waking up to money in the bank."  The accompanying video is very well done, but it's also very NSFW.

1. Purple Swag (Single)


That's swag, bitch.

A$AP Rocky will be performing at the House of Blues in Boston on September 28th.  Doors open at 7. 

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