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What to look for at the DNC tonight and tomorrow




The Republicans had their chance last week to convince the people that Mitt Romney is the right candidate to turn the economy around. Now, it is the Democrats' turn. The convention started last night in Charlotte, North Carolina, a state that Obama narrowly won in 2008. Although the Democrats hope that their speakers will shine, it will probably will be hard to top the performance of Clint Eastwood talking to a chair.

So aside from the standard patriotic messages and more red and white balloons, here is what to expect:

  • Speech from Bill Clinton. The speech from the former president is expected to be a highlight of the convention. Democrats are hoping he can talk about how to grow the economy and to reenergize the core base. There is currently a campaign ad running that features Clinton.
  • Obama trying to recapture the positive feeling of 2008. The Republicans are hoping that they can win over voters who may have supported Obama in 2008 but are now disappointed in his presidency. Obama will do  his best to recapture the optimism and feeling of hope that won over many new voters.
  • Efforts to appeal to women and Latinos.
  • And also efforts to appeal to the middle class
  • Touting immigration reform. Immigration is always a controversial issue, but the Democrats will try to emphasize Obama's commitment to reforming immigration, an issue that differentiates Republicans and Democrats.
  • Broader scope with focus on foreign policy and social issues. While the Republicans focused almost only on the economy during their convention, the Democrats will try to widen their rhetoric. Considering that the Republicans barely mentioned foreign policy at all during their convention, Democrats can talk about Obama's handling of the Iraq War.
  • Spotlight on healthcare. After the Republicans bashed Obamacare at any chance they had at their convention, Obama will present this as his proudest achievement and rallying point for his progressive agenda.
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