Freshman Guide to Extra-Curricular Clubs

In light of the Student Involvement Fair tomorrow, Gavel Media would like to introduce to you a few of the important extra-curricular clubs on campus. For a more complete list, click here.

Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC)

President: Christopher Osnato '13

Vice-President: Kudzai Taziva '13

The student government is entirely composed of and run by students. Its purpose is to serve as a channel of between the student body and the administrators that run BC. UGBC, according to its website strives to “actualize the rights and responsibilities of students to the greater community, while promoting growth academically, socially and spiritually”. It oversees a variety of sub-organizations, presses students needs to administration and holds its own events.

UGBC consists of three branches. The executive branch hosts the president and vice-president who are elected annually during the spring semester. The legislative branch, the Senate, includes five representatives for each class. Representatives serve one-year terms as Senate members. Of the 20 members, two are elected within Senate to serve as the president and vice-president of the branch. Three staff members are appointed by the president and vice-president of Senate to hold the positions of Chief of Staff, Director of Public Relations, and Parliamentarian.  The judicial branch ensures cooperation between the executive and legislative branches.

Within UGBC:

Communications   Community Relations   Campus Entertainment   Mentoring Leadership   Student Life   University Affairs

UGBC also nests two equally important student organizations: the AHANA Leadership Council (ALC) and the GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC)—see details below.

Students wanting to participate in UGBC should make moves and join first thing freshman year.


AHANA Leadership Council (ALC)

AHANA: An acronym created to describe persons of African, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American descent. Many schools also use the similar acronym, ALANA.

President: Devika Patel '13

Vice-President: Jorge Miranda '13

The ALC is an organization that helps foster dialogue between the various races, cultures and ethnicities abounding this campus through events that help celebrate and embrace diversity. It is most known for its three biggest events: the ALC Boat Cruise (in the fall), the ALC Ball (in February), and the ALC Showdown (in March).

Within ALC:

Executive   AHANA Caucus   AHANA Leadership Academy   Initiative Programming   Political Action and Education   Programming   Public Relations   Volunteer Corps   Women of Color Caucus


GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC)

GLBTQ: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning

President: Joshua Tingley ‘13

Vice-President: Erica Hendricks'14

Although primarily focused on GLBTQ students, the GLC commits itself to bettering the lives of all students at Boston College and to encouraging a community that accepts the various gender and sexual identities that exist within the student population. The GLC ensures that the voices of the GLBTQ population are heard throughout the organizations at BC as well as the administration.

The GLC hosts a plethora of events such as National Coming Out Week, Day of Silence, and the GLC Gala, to promote acceptance and openness as well as support for all students, with an emphasis on GLBTQ students. It also is home to programs such as Queer Peers, AHANA Issues, and Women’s Issues.


College Democrats of Boston College (CDBC)

President: Stephanie Rice ’13

Vice-President: Jonathon Dame ’13

CDBC primarily focuses on promoting the policies and ideals of the Democratic Party and is officially a chartered member of the Massachusetts

College Democrats. The club is often at the forefront of progressive issues in Boston and on campus. Members of the group are regularly involved in assisting in campaigns both on the local and national level. In the past, CDBC has supported Planned Parenthood movements and held many educational events surrounding politics of being a progressive Democrat. The club also promotes a freshman leadership program that enables new members to become immensely involved.


Republicans of Boston College (CRBC)

President: Ben Forster'13

A representation of the Republican Party, CRBC promotes the interest of the party on campus. The club hosts numerous events, activities, and speakers relating to political dialogue and encouraging students to vote.


Women's Resource Center (WRC)

Director: Katie Dalton


Call: 617-552-3489

Founded in 1973, the Women’s Resource Center aims to support, educate, and empower both women and men. Although mainly focused on women and gender issues, it provides BC with a forum to discuss all sorts of issues students may be dealing with. The office is staffed by approximately seven full time students and a full time director, Katie Dalton an is located in the first floor of McElroy. The WRC is housed under the Office of Health Promotion (see below)

Students are encouraged to stop in for a chat, attend a program, participate in group discussions (fully confidential and free of charge) or volunteer for events held by the WRC.

Within WRC:

Support Groups (HEAL-for survivors of rape and sexual assault, Prism-for lesbian, bisexual, and questioning women, Horizon-for gay, bisexual, or questioning men)

Discussion Groups (MOSAIC-issues concerning women of color as well as all women, THINK TANK-feminist issues, UNCOVERED-book club

Programs (CARE WEEK, Love Your Body Week, Big & Little Sisters, Computer Literacy, Reshall Talks)

Bystander Education

Sexual Assault Network (SANet)


Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH)

President: Elizabeth Jekanowski ’13

Vice-President: Don Orr ’14

BC Students for Sexual Health is a student-run group whose mission is to promote and encourage the availability of sexual health education and resources on BC’s campus. Because of BC’s Catholic nature and view on sexual health, the group is not officially recognized by the university but is nonetheless very present on campus. The organization began with the support of 90% of the undergraduate student body who voted yes in 2009 on a sexual health referendum included in the UGBC elections, and has been a growing presence since.

Despite its unofficial status, BCSSH hosts off-campus events and co-sponsors various sexual health related programs on campus. The group also, in its goal to provide resources, has a number of Safe Sites throughout the campus where items, such as male and female condoms, lubricant, dental dams, information about sexually transmitted infections, which are not provided to the students by the university can be accessed. BCSSH can regularly be seen on the sidewalks of College Road handing out condoms and encouraging students to use safe practices over the weekend.


Office of Health Promotion

Director: Elise Phillips


Call: 617-552-9900

Founded in Fall 2011, the Office of Health Promotion is an overarching student health resource headed by the administration. Students participate in the form of health coaches and volunteers for the various events, such as Healthapalooza, held by the office. It is primarily a program to foster the health and well-being of the students and to encourage healthier lifestyles.

The Office of Health Promotion is a resource on a range of topics related to student health:

  • Stress management
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Nutritional health
  • Sexual health
  • Bystander education
  • Prevention of relationship violence
  • LGBTQ health issues



Nested under Sustainability at Boston College, an office the regroups all campus efforts towards a greener BC, EcoPledge is a student-run organization that aims to educate BC students about environmental issues through events consisting of educational films, speakers, and hosting annual events like Earth Day and Green Week. The group is also responsible for leading BC’s RecycleMania, a national intercollegiate recycling competition.

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