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My Mother is on Facebook: THE END.

Well ladies and gents we're back at school, which means summer blogs are winding down here at the Gavel.  It's been fun, and overall I really enjoyed this whole blogging thing.  I was usually the one shitting on the egocentric bloggers, tumblrs, tweeters. Oh how the tides have turned.

Not only did I get a blog, but I was blackmailed into getting a *gasp* Twitter by our evil managing editor. Blackmailed might be a strong word, he really just decreed that every Gavel editor needed one.  But I have three months of blogging under my belt now, so I'm allowed and expected to be over-dramatic and whiney. I WAS BLACKMAILED I SAY.

This whole Facebook thing didn't work out how I had planned it either, what with my mother's silent sabotage of my plan. But thanks for sticking with me everyone! I'm sorry for all of the rants, anything offensive, etc. Actually, let me rescind that apology real quick. You didn't have to read it, but thank you for doing it anyways!

And to all (if any) of you adults who have been reading this, you're awesome! Don't stop any of the weird things which I pointed out this summer! Keep those comments signed "xoxoxo Gram" coming! And please continue telling me too much about you're children, because on some level I do really enjoy it.

Anyways thanks for hanging in there y'all. It's been real. Just to debase everything I've said all summer, here are some awesome things that my adult friends have been up to lately.

1. Aw Grampa. Too cute. This is the first thing that comes up on his's from June.

2. Mack the Beekeeper I advise you to run, Sir. Those bees look pissed off.

3. Reasons why you shouldn't tick off your parents: they have the power to do things like this.

4. Humunahumunahumunahumuna love me some Tom Brady. Look at that chiseled jaw.


Farewell Y'all.

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