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Help! I’m Studying Abroad in Germany: The Overnight Train

Whoa guys. Did you know how barbaric Germany is? I totally haven’t had Internet in weeks. Well, specifically, I haven’t had a student ID to connect to my university’s Internet for a week. Before that I was on vacation in Italy. Didn’t use the web there.
What I’m trying to say is: sorry I haven’t updated you guys in a while.

“Whatcha up to?” You may ask. Well, I left the Bayreuth summer program the last day of August with a tear in my eye (really though, great summer) and headed off to Tuscany with my cousin, whose family is stationed in Italy. I spent a long weekend there before heading back to the Vaterland for my semester in Heidelberg. So, Germany to Italy. Fun stuff.

You know what that meant, though. A really, really long trip: 13 hours in total including three train changes and an overnight train (I booked a lady cabin ‘cause I’m fancy and stuff. Pinkies out.) But like, really guys, what do you do on an overnight train? No, really. Palms were so sweaty. (If you haven’t already heard...)

Here’s how I handled it...

Thursday 6:45pm – Two hours until my train comes? 20 minute trip to the train station? Yes, now is an excellent time to leave. Great choice, Lauren.

8:11pm – Got a solid chuck of Harry Potter auf Deutsch read. I’ll just pretend this train is the Hogwarts Express.

8:12pm – 25 minutes late? The Germans are slacking.

9:40pm – If I miss my connection in Munich now I’m gonna punch the schnitzel out of these guys.

10:30pm – Derp derp derp. Still sittin’ on a train. Derp derp derp.

11:25pm – Holy lederhosen that is the longest train ever to exist in the world ever. Idea: let’s just walk halfway down it and guess where my seat is. That’s on the list of brightest ideas ever.

11:30pm – Oh, this train is splitting into three pieces. That’s enough to put a little sweat in your palms. No pressure, I just might end up in Budapest. Excuse me, sir with a nice hat and whistle, but where on Earth do I board this Great Wall of China on wheels? Ah, yes, I see it now, the clean half is German. Makes sense. I’ll just… I’ll just go sit.

11:40pm – I got myself a lady cabin. *swag*

11:41pm – Hello, bunk mate. It’s nice to be sharing such close quarters with you. Your name’s Gabby, you say? Sup, Not-so-Chatty Gabby.

11:42pm – Why do I always travel with old single ladies. Why.

11:45pm – The train guy actually blew his whistle! Echt geil!

11:50pm – Well, time to settle in. I always wanted bunk beds! I call top! …Only cause you’re too old and frail!

11:55pm – I can totally speak to Gabster in German

11:56pm – What’s the word for lock?

11:56pm - ….What’s the word again?

11:57pm – English is fine.

Friday 12:15am – Alright, game plan: panic. Panic the entire night. Have anxiety over which stop is mine and when to wake up and if I’ll wake up or if I’ll have enough time or if I’ll survive this whole ordeal or the high blood pressure all this panicking is giving me. Sleep very little. Wake up too early to ensure correct stop is reached. Sweat. Panic. Maybe watch a movie.

I mean, I had a generous 6 feet of room

12:20am – Oh, subtle throat clearing, Not-so-Chatty Gabby. No, I get it. Bed time.

12:21am – Uh… is she taking off her pants?

12:30am – New game plan, follow Not-so-Chatty Gabby’s lead. Er, except the pants part.

12:32am – Now if I just had my iPod…

12:32am – Really, Gabs? That earned a throat clearing? Subtle. No, don’t worry. I wanted to lie perfectly still the entire night.

And, well, I woke up in Italy. In one piece and well rested thanks to Not-so-Chatty Gabby and her strict old lady bed time. So, props to her.

What have I been doing since I got off that train? Lots, I’ll share next week! I get Internet then!

Bis dann!

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