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BC Twitter account: @OneillProblems

Here at Gavel Media, we are big fans of Twitter. Since the advent of this new form of social media, various Twitter accounts related to all things Boston College have popped up on the web---some funny, some not. We are here to help you navigate the plethora of BC accounts so that you can get some good laughs without clogging up your Twitter feed.

The pick for this week is the parody account for O’Neill Library, @OneillProblems. O’Neill Library looks and sometimes feels like a prison, and almost everyone on campus has had their fair share of frustrations while doing their time inside (and if you’re a freshman, you will soon—trust us). Whether it is setting off the alarm on the first floor if you leave late, the picked-over vending machines, the complete inability to find a good seat—let alone one by an outlet—or simply the difficulty of the assignment you’re working on, all students have probably tried to pull their hair out or throw something at least once. During finals week this frustration only rises exponentially, and we at Gavel Media advise all students to wear helmets to avoid head injuries from coffee cup or textbook projectiles from the O’Neill inmates.

@OneillProblems sympathizes with our O’Neill woes and tries to lighten the mood by reminding us that we are not alone. Examples of tweets include: "I just learned more reading Lil Wayne's Wikipedia than I learned reading anything for this paper #ONeillProblems;" “Who needs Adderall when you have Call Me Maybe? #ONeillProblems #ONeillSolutions;” and “There's a special place in Hell reserved for professors who make papers due the day after Marathon Monday #ONeillProblems."

Whether you are pulling an all-nighter for a chemistry test or just stopping by to print, @OneillProblems will make your nights of studying and paper-writing a little more entertaining. Don’t laugh too loud though—it’s a library.


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Name: Jillian Timko
School, major and year: Arts and Sciences, International Studies, 2014
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
What makes the Gavel so BANGin’? I love the Gavel because it’s so new. We are still figuring out who we are as an organization and how far we can go. While this presents us with a clear set of challenges, it’s really fun to try different things and build our own identity.
You have 24 hours to give prospective students a tour of BC and convince them to enroll. How do you spend the day?
First, I would take them on an actual tour of the campus—it’s beautiful and deserves to be shown off. Then I would take them to a football tailgate, a hockey game, and to Marathon Monday. And we would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Hillside – after an egg sandwich, a Panini, and a cheeseburger, who wouldn’t want to go to BC?
If you could go back in time and give yourself a pep talk the night before you moved into BC as a freshman, what is the most important piece of advice that you would give to your former self?
I would tell myself to keep pushing to meet new people and try new things. It’s easy to get stuck in a groove you’re comfortable with, but you should never limit yourself like that—the people at BC and the school itself have so much to offer.
What is your favorite study spot on campus?
A classroom in Gasson, or the booths on the first floor of O’Neill.
What is your go-to meal at Late Night?
Usually mozzarella sticks, sometimes pizza…
What is the #1 most played song on your iTunes?
Love and Memories by OAR
What is the best Halloween costume that you have ever worn?
I was a gumball machine, along with our lovely editor-in-chief, and we rocked it.
If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
There’s this Italian restaurant called Bolu in my hometown. It’s always absolutely delicious, and it has enough variety on its menu to get me through the rest of my life.
If you could befriend the main characters from any TV show or movie, who would you choose and why?
The characters on How I Met Your Mother. Mainly so I could experience the joy of high-fiving Barney Stinson all the time.