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Opinion: Stop complaining about the classes you picked

Aahh fall at BC…moving trucks, pumpkin beers, chilly nights, and, of course, classes. These are the things I expected when I arrived on campus just over a week ago. What I did not expect to hear were the grumblings of my fellow senior Eagles about classes. By grumblings, I mean bitching and moaning about how, "classes suck," or "I hate all my classes," or, "I wish it was just summer again school is so boring." Okay, okay, neanderthals. Let's piece this together.

I understand our university has a rigorous core requirement. Bitching about having to take "Rocks of the Universe 101" when you are in fact a Philosophy major is completely legitimate. But we are seniors. We are choosing these classes. You can't find ONE class in your schedule you enjoy? That is YOUR problem. You are either:

1. Under the (incorrect) impression that lackadaisically moving through college without caring is "cool," or pretending you hate your classes and learning in general is "cool."

2. You are in the wrong major, because surriously, we're seniors now, you should be in mostly major-required classes or have at least one fun elective thrown in there.

As for the first issue, I was under the impression that at 20 or 21, we had finally shed this idea that school is not cool. If you haven't, let's do this now, all together. Recite! (Archangel Gabriel reference, anyone? Learned that in Islamic Civilizations class, bam. See? Learning is cool: I do it.)

"I am a nerd in some way. I got into BC because of academic merit, among other things. I receive satisfaction from getting good grades or working hard. I am passionate about something I am doing. I now, at my age, finally understand that all these things make me more interesting and more attractive to other people."

Now that we can all breathe a sigh of relief and let our nerd flags fly, can we stop acting like people think we are cooler when we act indifferent towards education? Because I am sorry, but if all some guy says when I ask him about classes is "ugh who cares, classes suck," I am going to run in the other direction, away from yo' lame ass. I am NOT going to get breathy and swoon over how impressive it is you either: don't value your education, are still pubescent and want to look "cool" for other people, or that you have not grasped the meaning of the "add/drop period."

If you think learning is stupid and truly can get zero enjoyment out of one part of it, WHY ARE YOU IN SCHOOL? Real men are passionate. Hot women have brains. Know it.


Now some people might be protesting, "Hey wait, I hate all my classes, but not because I think it's cool to act like learning is stupid!" Okay….well then accept that you chose the wrong major. Now, summon the courage to either change it, or live with it without complaint (for truly, both take courage). Or, acknowledge something you probably already know, which is that someone forced you into a major that is not right for you. Something (parents? society? fear?) made you enter a concentration or vocation that you do not enjoy.

Well, let me tell ya: if you can't get down with a one-hour class, you will NOT be able to get down with a 40-hour-a-week job in the same vein. So, see above…sack up, change your major, confront your parents, confront your fear of not having money or a secure career when you are older, and change your major.

Or, don't do that, and when people ask you how classes are give them the TRUE explanation, that you are in a major you do not enjoy, and then spark an interesting conversation that way. Advice: A lady will respond more to a sob story about parental pressure leading to a denial of your dreams, than a meathead assertion that "taking classes sucks."

We are in a coveted position as seniors; we can finally be fully engaged in solely the subjects we choose to study, and we can assume leadership roles in our activities and campus. Now is the time to study what we love and participate in what truly makes us happy. So TELL people about it. OWN your potential. WORK that updo!

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