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Sesquicentennial Celebrations start with Mass at Fenway



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Boston College’s 150th anniversary was officially kicked off this Sunday with mass at Fenway Park.

Fr. William P. Leahy S.J., the president of Boston College, was joined by Boston Archbishop Cardinal Sean O’Malley, 100 Jesuits and an estimated attendance of about 20,000 students, faculty, alumni, and BC families.

The mass at Fenway stood in place of this year’s Mass of the Holy Spirit and highlighted the importance of not only BC traditions but also Catholic education and its role in human development.

Fr. Michael Himes said in the homily that “education is a holy work,” noting that it is what helps us grow as human beings that brings us closer to the divine. As members of this tradition, we owe a “staggering gratitude” to Boston College for its 150 years of educational standards.

“If you hold on to your life, preserve your life, grasp your life, and do not let it go, you will lose it. But if you give it away […], it becomes everlasting,” Himes said. “What you hold on to you lose, what you give away you will never run out of.”

Learning and teaching, in Catholic education, are bound together by their similarities. “The reason to be educated is to teach someone else, you will never grasp it until you give it away to someone.” That, Himes said, is how we as members of this Jesuit system must measure our success.

“It is the gift given to us by BC,” Himes said. “Give it away.”

Photo Credit Gillian Freedman

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