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Romney statements at fundraiser cause controversy

In a secret recording obtained by MotherJones of Mitt Romney at a campaign fundraiser, the Republican candidate for president told wealthy contributors that the  voters supporting President Barack Obama were not the ones necessary to persuade in this election. He went on to explain and describe Obama's solid 47 percent base as dependents of government entitlements.


Romney went on to say that his job was not to "worry about those people" because he could "never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

Mother Jones has obtained video of Romney at this intimate fundraiser—where he candidly discussed his campaign strategy and foreign policy ideas in stark terms he does not use in public—and has confirmed its authenticity. To protect the confidential source who provided the video, we have blurred some of the image, and we will not identify the date or location of the event, which occurred after Romney had clinched the Republican presidential nomination.

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