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Top Ten Songs: Timeflies Tuesdays

Woohoo we actually have a fall concert this year! The bad news? The opening act is way better than the main show. In my humble opinion that is. Lupe is alright, but Timeflies Tuesday is totally going to steal the show. If you’ve never heard of Timeflies Tuesday then shame on you! The basic premise: the band produces mostly covers, with some original material.  They got their name because they release a new cover on YouTube every Tuesday. So listen up, because you have less than a week to get these top ten songs down. Plug those head phones in, because it’s Tuesday, and time to jam to some Timeflies!! Eh eh..Tuesday...Timeflies Tuesday? Yep bad joke.

1. Under the Sea




2. Glad You Came




3. Wild Ones




4. Turn it Up




5. Call Me Maybe




6. Sleep Forever




7. Fade




8. All Night Long




9. Stand by Me




10. Ass Back Home



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