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Opinion: Single, modular, and ready to mingle

Here at Boston College, seniors can end their four years with the most sought after campus housing: the Mods.  Many feelings come with living in the Mods, ones of closeness, familiarity, anonymity and community at the same time, freedom and the so-college feeling of raging.

The Mods have been a best seller on BC’s GameStop for over forty years now. In this game, alcohol is encouraged. Everyone can play (We’re all pretty much 18. That’s old enough, right?). If your name is Mary Jane, hell--you just leveled up. Sobriety is definitely a handicap. Cigarette smoke is scouted out by the few and cordially abided by the many. A surreal atmosphere surrounds the Mods, and its inhabitants.  If only for a night, we abandon our judgments and maybe a few of our inhibitions to have a grand ole time.

It goes Rubinoff, Jager, Tupac and Biggie, André, not OutKast, just kidding—no, that might be. Mr. Mathers, I know you don’t care but you too are present, telling us to shake that ass or something. And many of us do just that.

I was not worthy to live in the Mods, but I am very blessed to have friends who do. I have to say; it sure is nice to take a quick 5 minute stroll from Iggy to one of the cabins in the heart of lower campus for a quick sesh, party, pregame, what-have-you. However, I am now, more than ever, enlightened to the love-life culture in the Mods, which arguably contributes to the magic of the night, or day (Bruce didn’t know about tailgating on game days yet).

A good friend of mine met a wise man this past summer. Let’s call this man Leo. You can even draw from your "That 70’s Show" reservoir of knowledge for reference. Leo explained the difference between love and lust. He said, “You guys in college? Yeah? You may think you’re lying in bed, next to the girl you love. But, no. That’s lust, man.”

Here in the Mods, lust can easily be confused with the sprouting buds of love.  I think it’s the sense of adventure that causes this misconception. At the end of the night two people leave the arena, as champions, and will most likely be going to lower for some “late night” to celebrate. The magic from the Mods dissipates, and if you didn’t know already, you realize that you are most likely going home with this person.

I met an amazing person the other night. We talked for the whole night over a couple of cigarettes and some drinks. Nothing ended up happening because for some reasons it simply couldn’t. But I’m glad I met him. And while some might have ended the night feeling as though they wasted it, I went to bed happy.

There are other things that make up the magic that floats in the Boston College air here in Chestnut Hill.  Next time you go out to the Mods, take that head of yours on a swivel. You off-campus cats with your fancy rolly chairs will have no problems with this maneuver; take in what is around you. Meet some new people! If you still want to bring someone home, take a break in between dances to get to know who they are! Make an informed decision.

For me, college has been exciting in so many different ways. I have found myself in many different places in my past three-ish years (figuratively speaking here).  And maybe it’s because I am happy where I am right now, but I enjoy making friends with someone before going any further with them. This concept runs contrary to the mainstream BC mod-style love. But it shouldn’t. Another friend of mine can smell regret, let’s give her nose a break. Hey we all feel sexy sometimes. There is nothing wrong with a little fun. Do yourself a favor, wear some shades, and don’t let lust blind you from seeing who someone is.


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