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Lupe Fiasco and Timeflies ring in the school year at UGBC's fall concert

Timeflies and Lupe Fiasco have been two popular names floating around campus since it was announced that the artists would be performing in UGBC's Fall Concert.

YouTube sensation Timeflies kicked off the show with a few of their creative cover songs, featuring “We Found Love”, originally by Rihanna. The energizing duo was able to get the crowd moving with their self-described sounds of “electro hip pop dub-something.”  Many dedicated Timeflies fans were in their element during this performance easily belting out every word.  When the lead singer Cal announced that he was going to film the BC crowd for their next “Timeflies Tuesdays” video, the already screaming fans along with the rest of the student population roared.

Easily the best part of their performance was the Timeflies freestyle about all things Boston College.  Our UGBC president, Chris Osnato, presented them with a sheet of notes and Cal seamlessly freestyled about Mary Ann’s, Luke Kuechly, South Street, and how it "sucks to BU".  Timeflies definitely thrilled the diehards and was an exciting opening act that many opined stole the show.

In typical BC form, it took close to 40 minutes to set up for the main show.  But when Lupe Fiasco finally did come on, he stormed the stage with one of his top songs, “Words I Never Said”, and jumped around, dreads flying everywhere.  Lupe’s strong act consisted of many of his hip-hop hits such as “Superstar”, “Out of My Head”, and “Hip-Hop Saved My Life”.

Even though the crowd decreased steadily throughout his time on stage, Lupe kept his energy levels high the whole time and found ease in engaging the crowd who mirrored his energy.  The rap legend had no problem spraying the coveted floor seats with water bottle after water bottle.  When his microphone broke after a few songs, Lupe didn’t skip a beat and the crowd chanted his name.

His new album entitled, “Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1”, drops on Sept. 25, but was recently leaked online.  BC students screamed out requesting songs off the new album, but Lupe quickly offered a rebuttal by calling out, “don’t call out songs or you will just expose yourself as an illegal downloader.”

Known for being quite open as well as political in his messages, the star took a moment to tell the audience why a piece of his heart also lies in Boston.  He spoke on Malcolm X’s years of growing up in Roxbury and how his will to overcome oppression is an inspiration of Lupe’s.

“All colors, all creeds, all sexual orientations…It’s a beautiful thing to see through those differences; see the heart, see the mind, see the soul,” Fiasco exclaimed.  Lupe’s passion and heart for his music and beliefs shined through during his performance on stage.  He ended the show with the favorites, “Kick, Push” and “The Show Goes On,” while the crowd danced along like crazy.

The event was another success for UGBC and a great weekend activity since the football team was traveling. Conte Forum filled up quickly by 6:30pm this past Friday evening, Sept. 21, with plenty of scantily clad underclassmen. The early start time to the concert is the follow up compromise between UGBC and the BC administration to deter drinking after the disastrous Wale and J Cole Spring Concert in April 2011, when approximately 30 students were taken to the hospital for excessive amounts of alcohol consumption.  Because of this incident UGBC was banned from hosting a Fall Concert last year and had to approach last year’s Spring Concert with caution.

Needless to say, BC kids have since stepped up to the responsibility plate and have attended the past few concerts on campus more for the rump shaking sounds of Nelly and Lupe than for the excuse to pound seven shots.

While the concert got many bad student reviews, I found the concert to be quite a blast and an excuse to dance without a care in the world to some fantastic beats.

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