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"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 1: Back with a bang

“How I Met Your Mother” came back on Monday with the highly anticipated Season 8 premiere. We were left hanging at the end of season 7 with the birth of Lily and Marshall’s first child— Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen— Barney’s absurd proposal to Quinn, a flash-forward to Barney and Robin’s wedding and the ominous question of the identity of the mother.

There is much speculation and no definite answer as to whether this season is going to be the last, but the premiere was a solid start. We laughed, we cried (maybe), but mostly we asked ourselves, “Who the [insert expletive of choice] is the mother?”

Let’s regress and catch up with everyone.

Marshall and Lily are experiencing the difficulties of early parenthood as they deal with extreme sleep deprivation and have no idea what’s going throughout the whole episode. If I didn’t know better, I would think they were high.

Robin has a hot new boyfriend, Nick. Too bad she’s not fooling anyone because we know she loves Barney.

That brings me to Barney. Before I say anything else, I would like to commend this man for recapping the whole series of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ in 52 seconds, per Quinn’s demand. Awesome. That being said, Quinn overreacts to the news that Barney used to date Robin. I mean, come on, cut the guy some slack. He got past the fact that you were a stripper and seduced other men all night while you two were dating. I think that outweighs having an ex as a best friend.

Quinn’s revelation is also reminiscent of a moment in Season 5 when Robin’s then-boyfriend, Don, finds out she used to date both Ted and Barney. Ted, Barney and Robin, anyone could’ve foreseen the potential of this history coming back to haunt you.

While on the topic of past relationships, I need to express my impatience with Victoria, Ted’s baker ex-girlfriend, coming back into the picture. Here’s why:

  1. Victoria, I’m sorry but you’re boring. You’re just not that awesome.
  2. I would be flabbergasted if you turned out to be the mother. It’s pretty obvious that you are a filler character to build anticipation. Sorry.
  3. You fell in love with Klaus while you were dating Ted. Now you decide you’re in love with Ted again, right before marrying Klaus. Flaky.

On a side note, I’m glad to finally meet Klaus, played by Thomas Lennon, who we only knew nominally last season. Leave it to Ted to find romantic solace and revelation from the German fiancé of his newly rekindled flame.

There have been a few times throughout the series where the combination of a scene plus the song choice have blown my mind (in a good way), and Klaus’s monologue about true love, which plays to “The Funeral” by Band of Horses, is one of them.


The scene leads into a flash-forward of Ted sitting at the bus stop after Barney and Robin’s wedding. The mother gets out of a cab and stands about 10 feet away from Ted, her face covered by that ominous yellow umbrella while the song stays in tune with our exhilarated anticipation. And, of course, that marks the end of the episode.

How does Barney go from being engaged to Quinn to marrying Robin? How long will Victoria be in the picture? Who is the mother? Did anyone else notice Klaus’s awkward German/Indian hybrid of an accent?

Tune in next Monday at 8:00 p.m. for Episode 2 on CBS!