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“¿Quiénes Somos?”exhibition brings Latin America to BC

The “¿Quiénes Somos?” photo exhibition in O’Neill’s Level One Gallery proves enlightening to BC students who seek to learn about Latin America during Hispanic Heritage Month on campus. The exhibition, whose title translates to “Who Are We?”,displays photographs taken by students on their immersion and study abroad trips to Latin American countries. The photographs reflect the life, scenery and culture that help reveal the Latino identity.

“This exhibition gives me a general idea of what the normal lives in Latin America look like,” Sarah Black, A&S ‘16, said. “I’m fascinated by the beautiful Church and the process of growing coco beans in Ecuador. I learned a lot of interesting facts from the exhibition.”


In addition to providing interesting facts about Latin American life, the photo exhibition also inspires students to think about the social problems that exist in Latin American society.



“When I was looking at the pictures of the fancy church and normal people’s lives, I was aware of the class gap in Ecuadorian society. While the beautiful statues and altars in the church remind the public of the glory of God, numerous people still live in poverty,” said Molly Mao, A&S ’16.

Mao said the vivid images in the exhibition impressed her and enabled her to learn outside the textbook. Through her sociology class, she had learned about the social problems through--the exhibition made them real to her.




The exhibition also incites interest in experiencing Latin America firsthand. “By looking at these pictures, I was surprised by the cultural differences in Latin America and really want to experience it. I’m thinking about traveling to Latin American countries and advance my Spanish during my trip,” Jie Mao, A&S’ 16, said.

Although “¿Quiénes Somos?” will only be on display until Oct. 13, the Boston College Libraries will continue to sponsor and hold other exhibitions about life and scenery outside the U.S.

The international photo exhibition will be displayed Nov. 5 to Nov. 30, which will provide another ideal opportunity for students to experience various cultures.


School and year: A&S, 2016
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