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Eight dope music videos to help you procrastinate

It's Monday, you're bored. Here at the Gavel we know the drill. Clearly you're spending a ridiculous amount of time on the Internet, since you're reading this. Facebook, Tumblr, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and Pinterest can only keep you occupied for so long. Eventually everyone's go-to procrastination website? YouTube. Because anything is possible on YouTube. You can learn how to make jello shots in orange slices, watch a fat lady fall off a table or watch a slightly overweight asian man prancing around a horse stable.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two months you'll know that I'm referring to the music video for Gangnam Style by Psy, the most-viewed YouTube video of all time. It's really hard to describe the awesomeness which will ensue when you press play on this Korean pop visual explosion. I'll give you a super brief run down: asian baby michael jackson, horse prancing, trash blowing in models faces, fat man in a sauna, party bus, EXPLOSION, AYYY SEXY LADY. And that's just the first 90 seconds. My dearest wish in life right now is to find out what drugs Psy was on during this shoot, and to then ingest large quantities of said drugs.


But chances are that you know exactly what I'm talking about, because, let's face it, this isn't exactly groundbreaking news. The video has over 350 million views. The band played it at the Clemson football game. You've probably danced to it in a mod by now. But there is good news and a point to this article, I swear! Here are eight more awesome swag-tastic music videos to enhance your procrastinating experience. They don't quite match up to the neon asian bizarreness that is Gangnam Style, but hey, some people have budgets when they shoot these things. Enjoy, and happy procrastinating!

1. Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. My obsession with this song is hard to accurately put into words. First of all, if you don't know who Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are, please go to the plex. Find the most jacked meathead there and ask him to slap you across the face. Okay? Now that some sense has been smacked into you, watch this video about 700 times. Once you've successfully realized how worthless your life was before watching this video, hop your ass on the B-line and go buy some swag from Goodwill.



2. Bad Girls - M.I.A. She was completely robbed at the VMA's. This video is dope. And where has M.I.A. been for the past few years? Who cares, she can come and go whenever she wants and still be the queen of badass-ness.



3. HYFR - Drake ft. Lil Wayne. I want to be friends with Lil Wayne so badly it hurts. Please Wayne, let me party with you? Also, I'm going to need you to bring the panda mask. Shout out to the awkward middle-age couple getting down and dirty on the dance floor at 2:39. Yes.



4. Grown UP - Danny Brown. OMG cute little kid rapping. ON TRAINING WHEELS LIKE A BOSS.



5. Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj. It's like Beyonce's Countdown video, only dirtier. Nicki is creepy.  That blank stare freaks me out. So why can't I stop watching this video?



6. Oblivion - Grimes. This one is for the hipsters out there who think Nicki is too mainstream. Grimes manages to turn motocross into a ethereal piece of cinematography. Who would have thought that was possible?



7. Fantastic Baby - Big Bang. A combination of Psy and One Direction wannabes with a Lady Gaga-esque fashion sense. So what if you can't understand the lyrics. More cool asian music! Boom Shack-a-lacka.



8. Goldie - A$AP Rocky. He's driving on the wrong side of the street in Paris. 'Nuff said. Take notes Jay-Z and Kanye, videos don't need to be accompanied with epilepsy warnings in order to be awesome.



Sidenote: A-soon-to-be-released music video that will most likely be awesome? Cockiness by Rihanna. How can this not be an awesome music video? Don't disappoint me RiRi, and for the love of God keep Chris Brown out of this one.

Keep on trucking everyone, the week's almost over! Sort of.

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