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Opinion: What is the deal with name-brand clothes?

As the sunny, warm days of summer pass by and fall rolls into BC campus, along with the colorful leaves, cool breezes and cold rain come the brands we're all so familiar with. Girls bring out the Uggs, Hunter rain boots and North Face fleece jackets. The boys will forever and always wear the polos, Sperry's and anything produced by Vineyard Vines. No matter how many memes are created to poke fun at the uniformity of our dress code, or how many people from outside the BC bubble comment on the preppy nature of our dress code, BC students stay strong and continue to dress in the same kind of clothes as always: expensive and popular ones.

So why does this trend exist on our campus? Why are we all so keen on wearing brand names? If we were in high school, I'd say: "Because we're all really insecure about ourselves and we just want to fit in." However, since we're all college students, I'd like to believe that most of us have some sense of security and don't feel the need to conform to our peers' expectations. BC seems to go against the current that says that college is a time to show your individuality and we promote the complete opposite mentality: If you don't have a North Face jacket, you're weird.

Maybe we do it because most of us are from similar economic backgrounds, so we're able to afford these expensive items. Maybe we only like them because we think that our peers like them. Or maybe it's for a less superficial reason: the quality of the clothes is actually good. For example, even if by buying Uggs you will have spent $200 on the ugliest pair of boots you'll ever see, they are warm, cozy and last for an extremely long time (I had my pair for about 4 years). Trust me, I still don't get paying $100 for a t-shirt, especially when you can get the same one for about $20.

For as long as I can remember, brand names have been a big deal. I'm sure most of us remember how in middle school, and a good part of high school, when Hollister and Abercrombie were a must-have. I'm not going to lie and say that I don't own a pair of Uggs, Hunter rain boots and Toms. I also have my North Face jacket at the ready for whenever winter hits. I still have my Hollister jacket that I bought when I was a freshman in high school. The thing is: I regret going through the "Hollister and Abercrombie" phase when I bought plain shirts that said "Hollister" across the chest for $50. I don't regret buying a pair of Uggs, a North Face jacket or my Hollister jacket because they're actually useful and last/have lasted for a long time.

As long as people aren't spending $50 for a plain t-shirt, it doesn't really matter if our school is obsessed with brands. Unless you're planning to wear that shirt for the next 5 years, I suggest you buy the same shirt at Target for much less.

Discount shopping is the way to go.

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