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RHA livens O'Neill plaza with BC Street

Even Friday afternoon’s cloudy skies and rain spells could not keep people away from RHA’s BC Street.  The event brought together professional street performers and Boston College student performers in O’Neill Plaza to give students a taste of street performance culture.

RHA didn’t quite “#packtheplaza” as they had hoped, but the turnout was impressive considering the weather conditions.  The performances took place under the O’Neill overhang in an attempt to keep people dry, so the limited space affected the number of people that could have stopped to watch for at least a couple minutes while walking to and from the library or classes.

“B Extreme” was one of the professional crews hired for the event. I arrived in the middle of their performance and could barely see over the heads of the throng of people in front of me. Their dance moves drew both cheers and laughs from the audience, especially when they pulled student volunteers into their routines. Volunteers is a loose term, as one in particular seemed hesitant when drawn onto the dance floor, but then demonstrated impressive moves as he followed the instructions of the “B Extreme” team.

Following the professionals, BC performers in Synergy, FISTS and Fuego del Corazon held their ground.  These dance groups gave extraordinary and exciting performances as always – even the professional dancers were visible in the background with impressed looks on their faces.

Walking through O’Neill plaza mustered up feelings of pride to be a BC Eagle, as it was obvious how many talented people walk the grounds of our campus.  Littered around the plaza, smaller groups of people were performing.  These ranged from three men from the BC Acoustics singing a strikingly low-pitched and beautiful song, to students strumming on acoustic guitars and even a group drumming on buckets.  Overall, RHA’s event appeared a success, as BC students had the opportunity to watch professional performers showcase their talents, cheer on their friends in the BC dance groups or take quick study breaks to listen to any one of the various side performances showcasing BC talent.  I heard one girl next to me comment, “I feel like we're at Faneuil Hall!”

Considering the street performance culture surrounding Boston’s beloved marketplace, it seems that RHA created the desired atmosphere at an event that will hopefully fill O’Neill plaza with music, dancing, and entertainment again someday.


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