Getting stationed: Pandora playlists for every mood

If you have an iPhone and don’t have the Pandora App, get it. Right now. Go. But seriously, if you get bored with your homemade playlists or are too lazy to make a decent new one like I am, Pandora offers the perfect song mixes to get you through the day. Here are some of the best Pandora Stations for every occasion.

Going for a run

  • Girl Talk Radio

This station is good for when you need some motivation to run fast or even run at all. Expect Girl Talk classics as well as some surprises like Passion Pit or Kid Cudi thrown in there.

  • Alternative Endurance Radio

Pandora allows you to browse genres and look at different playlists that they created within those genres. This station is under the workout genre (Yes, they actually consider that a genre). This is a great station for those easy, slow-paced runs. You’ll get some Florence and the Machine, The Postal Service and some of The Shins, to name a few.

  • Call Me Maybe Radio

Maybe you’re over the “Call Me Maybe” craze, maybe you aren’t. Regardless, this station has all of the latest pop hits you just sometimes want to listen to when you're running.


If you’re like me and have a short attention span, you want to listen to the least distracting songs possible when you are studying. These stations are perfect to keep on low volume and will keep you relaxed and focused as you hit the books.

  • Sigur Ros Radio
  • Jackson Browne Radio
  • Ryan Adams Radio


  • Bruce Springsteen Radio

As a Jersey native I may be a little biased, but I think Bruce Springsteen is perfect for any occasion. However, at a classic darty, The Boss just seems to be in his element.

  • Tom Petty Radio

Everyone loves Tom Petty. If you don’t, you probably have never listened to him.

  • Kenny Chesney Radio

Particularly good for America-themed darties, this station will play all of your country music favorites.


  • Jay-Z Radio
  • Rihanna Radio

These two stations are great for pumping up at a pre-game. Or if you are willing to lose your dignity as my roommates and I sometimes are, pulling out the occasional dance move.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Radio
  • The White Stripes Radio

These stations are for those who want to have a more chill pre-game: maybe hanging out and sipping on beers instead of ripping shots and challenging your friend to rap every line of “99 Problems.”

Walking to class/Riding the bus

While these depend more on your personal music taste, here are some of my go-to stations when I am half asleep on the way to my 9 a.m. class or walking through campus.

  • Mumford and Sons Radio
  • Dispatch radio 
  • Kid Cudi Radio


  • Bon Iver Radio

I have been a huge fan of Bon Iver since the beginning and they are just about as chill as you can get. If you want some mindless, mellow listening, add this station on Pandora.

  • The Lumineers Radio

The Lumineers are a new band with a Mumford and Sons-meets-Ryan Adams kind of vibe. Expect to hear some Blind Pilot and The Head and the Heart on this station----also great choices for when you want to mellow out.

  • Ben Harper Radio

Ben Harper is just really good. Enough said.




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