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MBTA plans to rebuild Boston College station

The MBTA plans to spend $20 million to rebuild Boston College station, the end of the Green Line’s B outbound branch. The project is still in its early stages as MBTA continues fundraising for the project which will take about 2 years to complete.

The construction will build platforms in the center median of Commonwealth Avenue to decrease the interruption of traffic by the trolleys as they pull out of the current station, located across the street from St. Ignatius church.

“The T plans to continue to the next design phase this fall, but the project’s future after that remains unclear because the agency needs to find outside funding to be able to finish designing and to do the construction,” Joe Pesaturo, spokesperson for the MBTA, said to The reconstruction plans include two portable lifts, upgraded power, signal and communications systems, and new crosswalks and traffic signals. The new station will thereby comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The project is winning widespread support but some mixed feelings among Boston College students.

“I heard that they would add a canopy over the inbound platform. Then I don’t have to worry about going out when it’s rainy. I think this project will benefit BC students a lot and I look forward to it,” Heini Salonen, CSOM '16, said.

Xuan Lin, CSOM '16, said she's glad that accessibility will be improved. “It might be safer to access the station if they rebuild the platforms with the center median of Commonwealth Ave,” she said.

Jia Mao, A&S '16 disagrees. “I don’t think it’s necessary to build a new station with $20 million. I’m satisfied with the existing one and am getting used to it. Besides, Boston is a historical city and it’s really unnecessary to rebuild everything. Instead of rebuilding one, I hope the MBTA will consider of building extra stations,” Mao said.

The MBTA held a public meeting to discuss the project on Oct 9. By listening to public opinion in order to rebuild the Boston College station, the MBTA hopes to improve the station so integral to the Boston College identity.


Photos by Gillian Freedman/Gavel Media


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