"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 4: Who Wants to Be a Godparent?

Last night’s “How I Met Your Mother” episode gave Lily and Marshall the spotlight, which has eluded them for most of this season. We travel with them on their journey to find a godparent/guardian for baby Marvin in the event that their unlikely simultaneous deaths occur. Lily turns into a blubbering crybaby at every mention of the possibility of death. My God, this woman can be annoying.

Sorry Lily, I didn't mean it! (Yes I did)


Let’s backtrack for a moment and check in with everyone else: Ted and Robin are still stuck in relationship funks. Victoria tells Ted her dad wants him to pay back the $70,000 he spent on Victoria’s wedding since Ted is the source of its demise. And Nick is still too feminine for Robin.

For starters, Victoria is getting worse and worse. I knew she was bad, but with every episode her awfulness increasingly exceeds my expectations. Ted’s relationship with her is now costing him $70,000. That’s about $70,000 more than she’s worth.

Nick leads Robin to believe that he has a motorcycle, when really he just slaps on a leather-studded jacket to ride his motor scooter. Robin’s motorcycle outfit reminds me of the outfit she wore in “The Avengers.” The girl can rock a body suit. Even if she is psycho.




Barney is still a womanizing creep. But he’s our womanizing creep and we love him. At least I do.

Barney throwback: the "Cheap Trick"

Back to Marshall and Lily. I don’t know why they rule out Lily’s dad as a potential guardian. Didn’t they just come to terms with the fact that he’s actually a really good babysitter in the last episode? Then again, if they picked him, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of watching the “Who Wants to Be a Godparent?” game show. Touché, writers, touché.

The game show is by far Lily and Marshall’s (but mostly Marshall’s because Lily is just not that funny) best moment so far this season. What I took away from the game show is this: Ted is way too sensitive for parenthood, Robin is too hard and Barney is too sex-crazed. But Lily and Marshall pick all three to be guardians so I guess together they must do something right. Combining the three of them makes me think that they’ll form some kind of Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque mega parent. Take that however you want to.




The brief fight between Lily, Marshall, Barney, Robin and Ted is hardly worth a comment because it lasts approximately 2 seconds. Anyway, the gang is back to normal and having fun. Yay friendship.

Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. for Episode 5 on CBS!


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