Opinion: Raise your voice; bring on the school spirit!

Some would say that by spending our money, be it our parents’ or our own, to support our Eagles on the gridiron demands that we are repaid with as many W’s as possible. Every fan hopes for the least amount of losses. We give daps to our football playing friends, or our even acquaintances around campus.  Multiple times, I’ve heard people follow up with a question like: “Ay, are we going to win on Saturday?”

It’s as if we expect them to balance their major(s), football responsibilities and other work while also having a minor in fortune telling.  So let’s ask the few a question. When someone asks you how you’re going to do on your exam in finance, what-have-you, how often do you readily answer with any sure certainty? Personally, I never have an idea. Maybe that speaks to my minor in procrastination and my concentration in BS. But more often than not, a simple but encouraging “Good Luck” gives me more confidence.

Our boys’ record this season is 1-5, leaving some discouraged. Some blame Coach Spaz, others leave the burden of guilt or regret on the backs of their fellow Eagles. But why should we? Paralleling our previous situation, when you’re not doing so hot on your exam, do you think it would feel good if someone yelled, “You suck” and then left you to continue on testing?

I think for your sake, it is a good idea to safely return to your abode if you find that you’re too drunk at a game. But for our pigskin throwing, catching, protecting and stopping friends’ sakes, please don’t throw your arms up in the air when the game is not going our way. Please don’t leave after the first quarter because “this is terrible.”  If your premature exit out of Alumni is because you secretly wasted money to be allowed into Shea Field, shame on you!

I commend the fans that stick by their teams over the years. I understand the fair-weather fans who abandon their team until the next NFL comeback. But I believe that supporting your alma mater is very different. How could you not want your school to do well? It’s very discouraging for the players to look up to the stands and see people filing out of the stadium. They know that the odds of that many people being intoxicated enough to all be buying the hotdogs sold every game are pretty low.

All they can do is run out, line up and try their best. But we owe them a strong foundation of support. They put a lot of their time into practicing and training to represent our school, so we should stand planted strong behind them. So next time you see Johnny Coleman walking around campus, jump up to the highest of fives and wish him well. Go BC!


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