Eagles dance the night away with Dance NetwerkShops

Between the hours of eight and eleven o’clock last night, the O’Connell House was invaded with a few of the best dancers in Boston and many eager BC faces. UPrising, the 2012 ALC Showdown winners, hosted a Dance NetwerkShops open to all students with an interest in learning choreography from these well-known performers.

Dance Netwerks is an organization in Boston that has collected a multitude of these sick dancers, other instructors, and crews in the area. Their mission is to connect these dancers in order to create an open, fun, and inspiring dance atmosphere where people are comfortable sharing ideas and styles. The main dance styles that these top performers in Dance Netwerks focus on are hip hop, contemporary, jazz, and lyrical. This year, they are kindly giving free workshops to college students and the members of UPrising were thrilled to host the very first one.

Dance Netwerks brought in Shaquan Reed, a member of Pictures in Concrete and Boston Tap Company, and Jeff Tung, in The CONcept Artists and Static Noyze Dance Company, to let students in on the secrets to their masterpieces of art. Shaquan presented his soulful yet complicated choreography to “Skin” by Rihanna, which featured a mix of quick and slow, sharp moves. Jeff’s choreography was an upbeat and fun rendition to “Shake That A**” by Eminem with some speedy footwork. Both Shaquan and Jeff were easily able to engage the BC group and some even perfected the moves.

The Dance NetwerkShop was definitely a highlight of O’Connell House events for those even remotely interested in dancing. Being able to witness their pieces in person and not just on YouTube is inspiring to an aspiring dancer like myself. Shout out to UPrising for hosting!