Massachusetts companies linked to meningitis outbreak

A local Framingham-based company, New England Compounding Center has been identified as the source of steroid shots suspected in the outbreak of fungal meningitis that has killed 21 people to date. The company has filed for bankruptcy and faces at least 10 lawsuits.

Two other local companies, Ameridose and Alaunus Pharmaceuticals have been shut down for further inspection.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said the New England Compounding Center may have misled regulators and done work beyond the scope of its state license. The company was licensed to fill specific prescriptions for specific patients but exceeded that, he said.

This case has sent shockwaves, some of which have been felt among the students here at Boston College.  Heini Salonen, A&S ’16, said, “Next time I go to the hospital to take shots, I will be afraid that the medication is tainted. After I learned this story, I lost a sense of safety. Despite the fact that people pay quite a large amount of money for healthcare, I’m still worried about the current situation.”

“The companies who produced these meds should take the responsibility,” Molly Mao, A&S’ 16, said.

“It is scary to think about that our tax dollars are going to institutions that are supposed to make sure those accidents did not happen. Those institutions did not do a good job to protect us. The basic of government is to protect people.  We need one to protect us,” said Haley Chwazikgee, A&S '16.



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