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Is your Zumba studio a brothel?

Kennebunk, Maine may just be the newest red light district. Alexis Wright, a Zumba fitness instructor in the small town of Kennebunk, has been indicted on charges of running a prostitution operation out of her dance studio. She was allegedly paid more than $150,000 from various clients for sex, while an accomplice secretly filmed the transgressions.

So, let’s recap here. Going to a Zumba class normally entails a fusion of dance and cardio. Zumba class in Kennebunk, Maine means prostitution, a different type of cardio. To make matters worse, Wright was only claiming $6,000 income from her studio. So not only is she a prostitute, but she’s a tax-evading prostitute receiving food stamps and public aid. She and her filming accomplice are both pleading not guilty, despite the fact that police seized about 100 hours of tape and thousands of screen shots.

Let’s rewind again. The two partners involved are saying they are innocent, even though there are films of Wright having sexual relations with clients. The prosecution certainly has strong evidence, since they literally filmed their illegal crimes. This is like a robber filming himself breaking into a house. Just in case he wants to indict himself later on.

Further evidence in the hands of the prosecution is from a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency officer who called Wright. She consented to perform sexual acts for money. So, she actually told an officer that she would exchange sex for money. The word for that would be “prostitution.”

Wright’s lawyer, Sarah Churchill, told the York County Coast Star that she is concerned about “coverage that poisons the potential jury pool. What’s out there is one-sided in that it’s the state’s version of events.”

We would all be curious to hear how the defense can argue against tapes showing Wright’s prostitution and doctored tax records. And there's that time Wright agreed to prostitute herself to an officer. In the meantime, ladies and gents, perhaps it is best to seek your fitness classes in a studio and not a brothel.