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Moonlight market highlights Asian cultures in O'Neill Plaza

As an international student from Finland, Heinei Salonen said she never encountered such cultural diversity before and was fascinated with all the different Asian cultural experiences that the Moonlight Night market on Oct.25 exhibited.

The market was hosted by Nights on the Heights, the Chinese Student Association (CSA), the Vietnamese Student Association, and the Southeast Asian Students Association. A total of 14 student clubs set up booths servicing exotic foods, interactive games, fun prizes, and cheap clothing finds.

“It is very interesting to learn about different night market cultures from all over the world,” Salonen, CSOM’16, said as she munched on traditional Korean tofu at the Korean Student Association (KSA) booth

Josh Li, co-president of CSA, said that the market was a good way to show the BC community what it is like to live in Asia.  CSA is a student-run organization  whose general goal is to spread the awareness of social and political issues in China and also to educate the BC community about Chinese culture.


“The fact that we have so many non-Asian clubs participating makes the event even more special,” Li said. Hellenic Society, Cuban-American Student Association, Dominican Association of Boston College, Brazilian Club, Irish Society, Hawai'i Club and GLBTQ Leadership Council, are  some examples of non-Asian clubs that were present.

“We bring together so many different clubs and nationalities to bring a sense of unity”, Li said.

Molly Mao, A&S’16, said, “It functions as a way to keep our American peers aware of the broad world outside the United States. It encouraged us to explore the diverse cultures of different countries. The more understanding I have, the less prejudice I will hold.”

CSA and KSA will be hosting a culture show at Robsham Theatre in the spring. The culture show will include various acts, a dragon dance, and a traditional performance to bring more cultural diversity to BC.

School and year: A&S, 2016
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