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Bostonians Fall Invitational

The Bostonians showcased their talent once again this past Friday night at their annual Fall Invitational concert. They hosted two a cappella groups from Boston University -- BU Aural Fixation and the BU Allegrettos -- for a spooky night of song and a little bit of dance.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Southwood

The songs were not Halloween-themed, but the rest of the night was. Decorated with a “Happy Halloween” sign and Halloween lights, the room was festive and welcoming. The three a cappella groups demonstrated their spirit with intricate costumes including zombies, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and a giant lobster.

The Bostonians Fall Invitational has been an annual Halloween celebration since their establishment in 1986, making the Bostonians the oldest a cappella group at Boston College. Each year this concert allows the groups to show the progress they have made since the beginning of the school year. Regarding the performance with other a cappella groups, Sami Middleton, A&S ’15, said, “Some of our members had friends in the two groups…we just love having nearby a cappella groups come sing with us and hopefully hang out with us after!”

This year’s concert was intimate, in Cushing 001, allowing for interaction between singers and members of the audience The Bostonians started off the night strong as ever, with a couple songs that showcased the voices of individual singers as the rest of the Bostonians backed them up.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Southwood

One Bostonian in particular, Connor Hutchison A&S ’14, dressed as Mitt Romney, asked the audience to sing along with him to the song “Senorita” by Justin Timberlake. The girls were to sing one line with him and the boys to sing another.  Needless to say, the audience didn't sound as impressive as “Romney” did, but it created a fun, interactive, environment to start off the night.

BU Aural Fixation, an all-female group, followed the first few Bostonians songs.  And despite the lack of low voices that male members often bring to a cappella groups, they impressed the audience with songs like “Paradise” by Coldplay and “Some Nights” by fun. Clearly, the group is not lacking in any way.


Emily Malcynsky, A&S '15, said, “I thought they were great.  Their voices were spectacular but even more than that, it looked like they were having fun up there.” The interaction between the girls of Aural Fixation was fun, and they clearly love to be up there singing together.

Following Aural Fixation, Boston University’s second a cappella group, the BU Allegrettos, took the stage. Their first song was shocking – in more ways than one. As the lead in the first song took it away, he ripped his sunglasses off so the audience could see the contacts that made his eyes appear all white with small black slits for pupils. Their “scary” zombie costumes only added to their performance as they pleased the audience with some great music and a bit of theatrics.

The more typical BC/BU interactions.

Overall, the Bostonians Invitational was successful. “We are so happy with how our Fall Invitational went this year and are so thankful so many people came out to support us,” Middleton said. Molly O’Leary, CSOM '15, was impressed. “I liked to see the interaction between the Bostonians and the BU groups they were hosting.  It was a cool dynamic, with each group cheering the others on.  It showed a sort of camaraderie between BC and BU, something that is generally pretty difficult to find,” she said.

Friday’s set list included “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates, “Senorita” by Justin Timberlake, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and Dixie Chicks, and a dance mashup of “Glad You Came,” “Wide Awake,” “Titanium” and “Lights.” These songs are sure to be performed at the Fall Café, along with other projects the Bostonians have planned for their fans.





Join the Bostonians at the Fall Café on Nov. 30 for the display of their entire repertoire!

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