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Top 10 things to do when Sandy strands you

So after refreshing your email every 30 seconds and constantly checking Twitter or Facebook for updates, you finally received that gift from God– otherwise known as the BC alert email - cancelling all classes. Now what? BC does not often give us a day off for weather. Since most of you are foreign to this concept of a “bonus day,” here are some ideas on how you can ride out the storm:

1. Sleep in

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While most professors may see this delay in our education as a time for students to get ahead on work, they are sorely mistaken. Turn off your alarm or hit the snooze button and catch up on some much-needed sleep. If anything, professors should encourage this activity as research has shown that inadequate sleep can cause a decrease in our performance, concentration, reaction times and the consolidation of information learning. Therefore, by sleeping in, you are actually becoming a better student.

2. Read a book for pleasure

Stay in your coziest pajamas, curl up under a warm blanket and read that book that’s collecting dust on your shelves. Whether it is a heart-warming love story, a tearjerker, a triumph in sport history or that trashy novel you were too embarrassed to read in public – enjoy!

3. Have a movie marathon

There’s a good chance that you and your roommates all decided to bring every DVD in your collection - and that all of them have gone unwatched until now. Well, here’s your chance to make a dent in that neglected list of “movies to watch.” Need a suggestion? Pop in "The Perfect Storm."

4. Fall cleaning party!

Starting to get a little stir-crazy holed up in your room? There’s no better time than now to get out those cleaning supplies your mom stuffed in your closet on move-in day and make her proud. Gather your roommates, turn up the music and obnoxiously sing along to each song. As long as you are making your room a bit more sanitary, we will give you a pass on your tone-deafness.

5. Ignore your diet

Forget the calories – enjoy! In a state of emergency the government is explicitly telling us to change our normal behaviors, therefore you are merely following authoritative measures in eating your leftover Halloween candy. Also, the Plex is closed so there’s no use – take full advantage of this cheat day.

6. Play Cards

By now there’s a high chance that the power has gone out, cutting you off from many 21st Century luxuries. But hey, here’s a thought: when was the last time you played cards? What better way to pass the time than a few games of Spoons, Go Fish or poker with friends?

7. Catch up on homework

We all know that homework is usually the last thing we want to do on a day off, but there’s a good chance you left that tedious reading out of your weekend schedule. Here is your opportunity to not only get back on track but also feel good about yourself for being somewhat academically productive.

8. Play board games

Grab your roommates and dust off those board games. Not only will you have a blast and the time will zip by, but what is more nostalgic than a good game of Monopoly?

9. Drink up!

When all else fails, sit in your room and enjoy some leftover Halloween beverages. Cider and hot chocolate anyone?

10. Read The Gavel

The Gavel has everything you would want to read about and more. You can read anything from stories on this past weekend’s football game and why the Newton bus is terrible, to the Presidential debates and Hurricane Sandy, with many other noteworthy stories in-between. Also, it's just awesome.


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