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We’ve all seen them. The red, shack-like structures that sit in seemingly endless rows next to the Plex. We desperately avoid them during tailgates in the hopes of keeping a spotless record so we can someday call one our own. They are the Mods. And to us freshmen, they seem like holy ground. Every weekend, freshmen flock from Upper and Newton with the desperate hope of partying with upperclassmen in these dark, crowded, sweat-shacks.

Unfortunately, getting into the Mods as a freshman is not as easy as it may seem, which is why I’m offering you a survival guide to hopefully make Mod-hunting a little bit easier:

6. Work what your mama gave you.

BC students are all about “dress well, test well.” Part of rising to the occasion is dressing for it, and doing so with confidence. This by no means implies that you should aim for the skimpiest outfit possible, but sweatpants and a baggy tee are a definite no-no. You have to dress like you know what you’ve got and you are not afraid to show it off. Even though the Mods are still on-campus, dressing like you’re going out adds that extra level of oomf that says “I care about how I look, and I look fiiiiine.” It’s all about how you carry yourself — the more you look like you belong, the more you will feel like you belong.

5. If you’re a guy, have a plan B for the evening.

It’s no secret; freshman guys are at the bottom of the college totem pole. It may sound harsh, but if you don’t know anyone at a Mod, you are likely to get the door slammed on your face.

4. Don’t get annihilated.

No one wants to be “that drunk kid,” especially when you are one of the youngest people in the room. Do you really want your first impression on the BC community to be that freshman who was passed out — or worse, blowing chunks — on the floor of some Mod? I can say with 100% certainty that you do not. Something to keep in mind: sloppy ≠ sexy.

3. Outsmart the “Who do you know?” question.

When you walk up to the door of a Mod, there is usually someone standing outside who will ask the one question that will make your stomach drop: “Umm, who do you know that lives in this Mod?” At first, this question caused my friends to break into a cold sweat and mumble “Uh…no one?... I mean…Mike? Yeah, that sounds like a generic name — we know Mike!” Unfortunately, this does not tend to work because, much to our dismay, not every Mod has a Mike. Luckily, we were able to outsmart the system — if the Mods were a video game, this would be the cheat code. Assuming you actually make it into one, keep a running list on your phone of the names of at least one person you meet in a given Mod. Next time, you can double check your list (27B, Mike, got it!) and strut on up to the door with confidence. [Editor's Note: Nobody named Mike lives in Mod 27B.]

2. Stranger (T) Danger.

Put it all together and what does it spell?! STD. The Mods are just a gross, sweaty cesspool of senior guys looking to mack on innocent, unsuspecting freshmen girls. Flirting and dancing are all fun and games until some guy you don’t know asks you to come back to his room with him. Word of advice: it’s not worth it. I’m not saying every guy you meet in the Mods is a creep — for all I know, you could meet your future husband in there. Still, if you've been drinking, your inhibitions are lowered, and it is way too easy to make a decision that you will regret, or worse, to get taken advantage of.

Finally, the most important tip of all:

1. When all else fails —  LATE NIGHT.

Not every Mod-venture is successful for freshmen. More often than not, you will get turned away because a Mod is “too full” or they just don’t want to deal with us silly little freshies. When this happens, don’t get too discouraged. The Mods are conveniently located right outside of Lower dining hall, where you can drown your sorrows in some chicken fingers and fries. Parties come and go, but Late Night is forever.

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