Top 10 most overdone Instagram photos

Ever since Instagram became the “must-have” app for Smartphones, satisfying the inner-hipster in all of us, there has rarely been a day when my news feed has not been dominated by Sepia-toned pictures. Sure, Instagram filters make everything look fancier, but is it necessary to take photos of EVERYTHING on Instagram?

Here are the top 10 most overdone Instagram photos:

10.  Pets

Aw, your dog is adorable, especially in that brownish, faded shade. These pictures are always cute, but I’m pretty sure your dog would be just as cute if the photo was in full color.


9.  Texts/Emails

I really don’t understand this one. It's one thing to post a screen shot of a text or email because it's funny, but what effect does Instagram give it? Last time I checked, Earlybird doesn’t make virtual conversations funnier, cuter or fancier.


8.  “Throwback Thursdays”

Instagram Inception: putting up an already-old photo using an application that makes the photo look older.


7. Feet/Shoes

Not only is it strange that you're casually taking a photo of your feet and the floor, but it’s also weird that you felt the need to add a Lo-fi filter to it.


6.  Outfits

Halloween season brought a boom of costume photos. Who doesn’t love to see 100 black-and-white pictures of you dressed as a cat?


5.  Selfies

Honestly, selfies don’t really bother me. I feel a little violated when I see a picture of someone trying to shove his or her face onto my computer screen, but as long as you steer clear of the duck face, it's okay.


4.  Gasson

BC students find excuses to upload pictures of Gasson all of the time, whether it's a beautiful, sunny day, a snowy day, or when it’s lit up during the night. It’s the one building other than Bapst that makes BC look a little like Hogwarts, so I’m not complaining here.


3.  Weather/Foliage

The “sunny day” or “rainy day” pictures make me feel like I’m getting a hipster weather forecast on my news feed. Some of the pictures look pretty cool, but some of them make me want to say, “Guys, I can just look outside my window. Thanks.”

Fall foliage naturally brings a lot of photo opportunities, but ever since Hurricane Sandy hit...well, there are no more leaves to take pictures of.


2.  Coffee

Ever since Starbucks brought back their fall specialties, “Pumpkin Spice Latte” Instagrams are everywhere.


1.  Food

These pictures just make me hungry. Sepia-toned pizza hits the spot.

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