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Help! I'm studying abroad in Germany: What I hate and Germans love

Three months in Germany. Whew.

Well, I have finally gotten used to everyone in my dorm wishing me, “guten Appetit!” before every meal and no longer bat an eyelash when I see a dog in a shopping center. And while I am now used to the mixed up ‘y’ and ‘z’ keys on the German keyboards (Seriously, Germany, why do you do that?) some German things still get me.

Decided to go on foot today? Have fun being at the bottom of the food chain. Bikes, then cars, then you. Seriously though, it’s a war zone out there, guys. And I'm without wheels.

Forgot to buy food before Sunday? Too bad, kid. You’re eating Nutella with a spoon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Not like… Not like that’s happened to me… or anything…) Shops = closed. Every. Sunday. Still gets me. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Dripped some ice cream all over yourself while walking down the street? Too bad, sloppy. Those napkins at the food stand on the corner are for customers only. Be prepared to encounter a very protective shop keeper, some dirty looks and a snide comment or two if you're brave enough to grab one. (But really, it’s like BYON around here. ONE napkin for this messy döner? Not the way I eat.)

But I mean, it’s not all brutal out there. The Germans have hearts. They love some things:

Die Toten Hosen. Look at those dudes. The Germans love 'em. My friend's roommate may or may not have been singing this on repeat for a full 15 minutes before she realized we were there. That's how beloved they are.

(Oh, and can someone clue me in on where all these fun activities are happening? I mean... there's a one man band here in the town square... that's SO similar)

Xavier Naidoo. Boys watch out. Xavier Naidoo was in the Backstreet Boys of Germany. Only difference is: he’s still got it. My 30-year-old teacher blushed and squealed at the very mention of his name.
Yes, thirty. Yes, squealed.


Big Bang Theory. I have heard more about this show in Germany in two months than I can believe. On the trains, in the kitchen, everywhere: they love it.


Sheldon's voice though... it just is not the same.

And if this cheery post isn't enough of an advertisement for this little slice of Germanic paradise, come back soon for my next riveting post: "If you like _____ come to Germany!"

Bis Später!

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