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"How I Met Your Mother" Episode 5: The Autumn of Break-ups

After a brief hiatus due to the presidential debates and the ominous Hurricane Sandy, “How I Met Your Mother” returned last night with the long awaited “implosion” of Ted and Victoria’s relationship.

HALLELUJAH! Thank you, writers. 

I’ve seriously been waiting for this to happen since the first episode of the season. I have not been quiet about my dislike of Victoria, and this episode proved just how terrible she actually is. And, folks, her level of awfulness surprised even me.

Yes, we all know the “Ted loves Robin and Robin does not love him back” bit has recurred throughout the series ad nauseam.  But saying you won’t marry Ted unless he ends his friendship with Robin? Really, Victoria? I think we all expected a little bit more from you, even though it’s, well, you.

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One of the most important arbitrary rules of dating and relationships is that if your significant other makes you choose between them and your best friend, lose the significant other. Pronto. This is a new low, even for Victoria. I’m proud of Ted for manning up for once and choosing Robin, which ultimately means goodbye to Victoria. Rest assured, she will not be missed.

I got my last anti-Victoria rant off my chest, so it’s time to move on to the hilarious characters that, I think, made this episode. Let’s start with Marshall. Much like this show took a hiatus from the air for two weeks, Marshall has pretty much taken a hiatus from being funny this season until now. Sassy Marshall is, simply put, amazing. The guy’s got so much sass and knows how to work it. I have to give it to him. Funny Marshall is back and I will probably cry if he ever leaves us again.

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Barney is not only funny as always, but he befriends the cutest dog ever. Seriously, I want this dog. I was just as depressed as Barney when the dog’s owner reclaimed him. Can’t the dog just take Victoria’s place as a recurring character on the show?

Screenshot by Kara Weeks / Gavel Media

Finally, that leaves Nick, Robin’s boyfriend. We still await the previously stated “implosion” of this relationship as well, but Nick is somehow still in the picture. I have to say, the guy really showed his comedic chops in this episode. Turns out, Nick is a giant tool. His cooking show is probably one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever seen and it’s great. I have a soft side for all things corny and Nick is definitely killing it on the corny front.

Screenshot by Kara Weeks / Gavel Media

So now we know that Victoria is out, Robin is still in and has yet to find out that Ted dropped Victoria for her. And, of course, we still have no idea who the mother is. I just hope that Nick sticks around long enough so we can keep laughing at him, and that Funny Marshall is here to stay. Oh, and the dog, of course.


Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS for Episode 6!


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