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NOW That's What I Call Music! does it again with "NOW 44"

NOW That’s What I Call Music! has done it again. For the 44th time—another greatest hits compilation. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, NOW 44 is out today, Nov. 6. I can officially say, for the 44th time, that I am up to date on everything that is hip and happenin’ in music.

I’m glad to see that artists such as Chris Brown and Katy Perry are still cranking out the hits, but they both seem to be about having trouble sleeping. Why? What are these kids up to these days? NOW 43 had Perry’s “Part of Me” and after listening to “Wide Awake,” I’ve got to say, that girl has got some talent. Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” is alluring while at the same time perplexing—is that Rihanna’s voice at the beginning?


And Pink—wow, she’s got spirit. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is another punk girl anthem that anyone can relate to. Sometimes you really do have “a sh** day.” Pink has got the sass and the hardcore lyrics to connect with any kind of audience.


It’s not a NOW CD without Usher. His song “Numb” was appropriately named, since it did just that to me. He’s got it all, that Usher.


Justin Bieber, my oh my, has he grown up—from his days 10 CDs ago on NOW 34 wailing about a “Baby,” to a much more mature sound in “As Long As You Love Me.”  NOW That’s What I Call Music! is great for showing an artist’s growth throughout the course of his or her career. The Biebs seems to have transcended teeny-bopper pop and really come into his own element.


And what about Britt Nicole—can she carry a tune! I’ve never heard anyone sing so emphatically about people being “worth more than gold.” Watch out Demi Lovato, you’ve got some competition.


Now I know what I’m playing at my next dance floor rager. “Be in Love Tonight” has the perfect combination of electro-pop and feel-good tunes. Toyconnor’s got it going on!


NOW is great not only because it keeps me abreast of some great music, but I get to know the hits of all kinds of genres right NOW. For instance, Little Big Town’s “Pontoon” gives me a taste of the state of country music right NOW. And Swedish House Mafia’s alternative feel has a nice beat. It’s always good to know of a sprinkling of the best of different genres.

After another rousing installment, let’s say cheers to the NOW series. They’re vital to keeping people in the loop about the popular tunes these days. Honestly, I would be lost without them. Don’t worry, there’s always next time, for all you music enthusiasts! NOW That’s What I Call Music!: Music you can always (always) count on.

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