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Overheard at BC: Post-election edition

With all of the election craze this week, there have been some memorable victory parties around campus, as well as pity parties. Our peers have aptly contributed to our infamous "Overheard at BC" series with quotes about both presidential candidates. Here we compiled our five favorites:

Overheard in Mac:

Girl 1: “OMG if Obama wins I’m moving to Canada”

Girl 2: “You know Canada is a Socialist country, right?”

Courtesy of François Detemmerman/Wikimedia Commons

Overheard at O’Neill:

“I didn’t even vote LOL.”


Overheard at the bus stop:

“It’s snowing because Obama won. God hates us!”


Overheard at the ballots:

“Oh you should vote for Elizabeth Warren she’s in jail right now! So BA!”

Courtesy of Community Banks Roundtable/ Wikimedia Commons

Overheard at an election party:

“Got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one!”

Courtesy of "i am guilty"/Wikimedia Commons


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