Origin of BC memes: Words from the creator

BC Memes had a exciting start and Boston University managed to get itself a starring role in the drama. Shortly after Brendan Doyle, A&S ’13, created the Facebook Page where followers can post pictures with text commenting on BC life, several BU students started posting anti-BC memes. The creators of the BU Memes page even took a screenshot of Doyle’s page and told its followers to start attacking the site. Doyle had to remove pictures and block a few users.

“I considered deleting the whole thing; at this point I had less than 20 followers,” he said. “I decided to stick it out because I wasn’t going to let a few BU kids get the better of me, and I’m glad I did.”

After a rocky start, the page began to take off. With only a couple of posts by Doyle himself, he shared it with just his Facebook friends. Soon after, people started creating their own memes and posting them on the page. The site now has 6,413 likes, just short of BU’s 6,876 likes.

Fittingly enough, BC memes got its start through procrastination. Doyle was supposed to be studying for a midterm and starting one of the two papers he had due within the next couple of days, when he decided to take a Facebook break, like so many of us do. He looked around and noticed that BC did not have its own meme page.

“I thought to myself: if I don’t make this page right now, somebody else will and I’ll lose my chance,” Doyle said. “The thing is, I had no business making a BC memes Facebook page that day.”

He was pretty familiar with other meme websites like the Chive, and tried to use what he knew. The page went live on February 7, 2012, and the rest is history. What Doyle is battling against right now is the new timeline feature on Facebook that make it difficult for people who have liked the page to see new posts by other users.

“Only the memes I post are shown unless you switch the tab from ‘highlights’ to ‘posts by others’ and so I try to repost the memes that other people create so that all the followers will see it.”

Creating a successful meme is both an art and a science. Doyle believes that although most people recognize popular meme pictures, it’s a bigger feat to create a completely new meme with people’s own pictures of campus or other places—but you need to be careful to put it up at the right time.

“I think that a great meme consists of a good picture, a relatable text and proper timing. When someone posts a meme about a hot topic around campus and can make a joke about it that everyone understands and finds relevant, it’s usually a big hit.”

The future of BC memes is bright. Doyle is trying to pass on the BC memes torch to a willing underclassman to continue the witty procrastination.

“Everyone needs humor in their lives, it’s healthy to laugh. I hope that people can connect with one another through memes because we all experience the same things. Whether it’s walking up the million dollar staircase, eating at Hillside, or watching BC sports, we can all relate to a joke about it.”

All photos courtesy of BC Memes.

School, major and year: A&S, English major and French minor, 2015
Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland
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