Diaco, Narduzzi headline list of potential replacements for Spaz

Cue the music. Get off the stage. Go home, Spaz.

As the Eagles’ 2012 football season comes to a close, Brad Bates’ number one priority should be finding a replacement for Frank Spaziani. Spaz’s reign at The Heights has been one most alumni and students would rather forget.

Currently 22-27, Spaz has continued his fierce track record of making confusingly irrational decisions. With Brad Bates on board, expect a new coach by Christmas. Here are a few potential coaching candidates that Bates will be mulling over this offseason.


Pat Narduzzi – Defensive Coordinator, Michigan State

Narduzzi’s name seems to be the one floating around the most in conversations about a replacement for Spaz. He is currently in his sixth season as defensive coordinator with Michigan State. Last season, his squad led the Big Ten in most major categories, including rush defense, total defense, third-down defense, and interceptions.

Now, a lot of this may be due do the recruiting and available talent that he has there in Michigan, but if he has soaked up any recruiting ability there, it will surely be an improvement over Spaz. One fact worth noting is that in 2003, Narduzzi actually worked with Bates at Miami, where he helped the Red Hawks win the MAC and finish in the top ten in the NCAA.


Bob Diaco – Defensive Coordinator, Notre Dame

I know what you are thinking. Why would I even consider someone from the University in South Bend? Well, they are undefeated and their defense, led by Mr. Diaco, is ranked in the top twenty-five in the four main defense categories – defense scoring (T-1st), rushing defense (6th), passing defense (25th), and total defense (8th).

Diaco may be perfectly content remaining with the Notre Dame program, one that will surely continue to make noise with Everett Golson at the helm for the next two years. However, the move to Boston College would be vertical, not lateral, and the idea of being a head coach may be too much for him to pass up. He would surely improve the defense dramatically within the first year of being the Eagles’ coach.


Al Golden – Head Coach, Miami

Under normal circumstances, Al Golden would not be considering a lateral move from head coach at Miami to head coach at BC. However, what is currently going on at Miami is, well, not normal. If the NCAA rules the Nevin Shapiro scandal a great enough discretion to shut down the Hurricane program, Golden will be in the job market once again. Golden has Boston College ties as well, serving under Tom O’Brien from 1997 to 1999 as the linebackers coach.


Steve Addazio – Head Coach, Temple


Photo courtesy of City of Philadelphia/Flickr

Addazio is relatively new on the head coaching scene, with 2012 being just his second season at the helm. He has managed to leave a mark on the program already, becoming the most successful first year coach that Temple has ever had. His 2012 recruiting class was ranked number one in the MAC by Rivals.com, proving he has an eye for talent.

Addazio may be hesitant to leave Temple, where he has endured such success in less than two years. The idea of coaching and reviving an ACC team like Boston College, though, may outweigh any personal ties at Temple.


Jeff Jagodzinski – Wide Receivers Coach, Ave Maria University

Jags burned some bridges on his way out of BC when he left to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their offensive coordinator – albeit for a handful of preseason games – and left the Eagles in dire straits in the recruiting department. However, now only a wide receivers coach at Ave Maria, he would definitely jump at the chance to relive the glory days… of his own success.

While at BC, he led the Eagles to a 20-8 record over two seasons, including a top ten finish in 2007. Bates may want to make his own mark on the organization, however, and returning the team to Jags might not be his preferred course of action.

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