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Matt & Kim crowd surf their way through House of Blues

Photo by Victoria Southwood / Gavel Media

During their second-to-last stop of the “Lightning” tour, Matt & Kim took over the House of Blues on Friday, Nov. 16 with an energy that was only fitting for their music.

Oberhofer, a relatively young band on tour with Matt & Kim, warmed up the crowd for the dynamic duo. The audience reacted well to Oberhofer’s music, but it was clear that most were anxiously awaiting the main act.

Matt & Kim took the stage to a very warm Boston welcome. They were happy to be back at the House of Blues, where they have played about four times, for their first-ever sold out show at this venue.

Throughout the concert, both Matt and Kim enjoyed talking to the audience, and very candidly indeed. Kim was especially frank in her discourse with the audience, and everyone in the venue fed off of her honesty and her entire persona. And this was just the beginning.

Photo by Victoria Southwood / Gavel Media

They took moments to throw shirts into the audience (and told stories from past shows, including one in which a woman was arrested for biting up to three people around her just to secure one of the shirts for herself), transitioned between songs with mash-ups of pop-culture radio hits, and crowd surfed.

Yes, not only did Matt & Kim prompt the audience to get some crowd surfing started (this was a huge success, as people crowd surfed for the remainder of the show), but Kim did some crowd surfing herself--well, her own version. She courageously ventured off the stage to stand and walk on the hands of the floor audience, an impressive maneuver to say the least.

Other theatrical elements of the show included dancing, family shout-outs, confetti and balloons, all of which the audience ate right up. And don’t forget the various undergarments thrown onto the stage in response to a story that Matt told about a previous show. Yes, Kim DID put one of the bras on.

To sum up a Matt & Kim show, it is appropriate to say they are true performers. One nearby audience member said, “You could hate Matt & Kim music and still have an awesome time at this concert.” This couple knows how to excite an audience, and they have a great time doing it. Their live performance is full of energy, and anyone who enjoys their music in the least should make an effort to see them live.

Photo by Victoria Southwood / Gavel Media