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The Fallout Show drops beats, not bombs

It’s 7:00 p.m. on the evening of Friday, Nov. 16 and Gasson 100 is packed with students of all ages. The lights dim and we are welcomed by a video of Stephen Colbert demonstrating what an atomic bomb looks and sounds like.


The Fallout Show, presented by Global Zero, was a combination of dance and a cappella groups in support of the organization’s peaceful goals. Global Zero is an international student-run movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons. According to, “Global Zero has grown to include 300 world leaders and more than 400,000 citizens worldwide, developed a step-by-step plan to eliminate nuclear weapons, built an international student movement with more than 100 campus chapters in over 10 countries, and produced the acclaimed documentary film, Countdown to Zero.”

Photo courtesy of Samantha Costanza / Gavel Media

The evening kicked off with the awesome all-male step team, Sexual Chocolate. Their smooth moves and powerful stepping beats amped up the crowd right from the start.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Costanza / Gavel Media

The Acoustics followed with a rockin’ set, but the moment that brought the house down was when Matt Moyer, ’15 and Elliot Smith, ’14 performed “Too Close” by Alex Clare. Smith’s vocals were flawless and Moyer’s ability to turn his mouth into a human dubstep machine was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Costanza / Gavel Media

Masti and Conspiracy Theory both danced their hearts out and had the crowd cheering wildly during their sets. Against the Current used their lovely voices to provide a nice contrast to the bumping hip hop beats that came before them.

AeroK performed a routine that was positively explosive, full of hair-whipping, popping and locking that put some of the groups on America’s Best Dance Crew to shame. B.E.A.T.S. were also on fire with their soulful and extremely powerful vocal performances.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Costanza / Gavel Media

The show closed just as strongly as it started with the hip-hop crew, Uprising. Their performance was technically amazing, telling a cool story through their choreography.

Overall, the night was a huge success, generating lots of buzz for Global Zero and providing a night of fantastic entertainment.

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