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Opinion: Seniors, here is your battle cry!

Everyone has an opinion on the Real World. Everybody wants to tell seniors that they know what the job market is like, they know how terrible the employment rates are, that the best years of our lives were in college, or that the state of the union hasn’t been this bad in decades.

Just as a red-cheeked parent will pull you aside in the Mods to tell you these are the best years of your life, so will your older brother tell you the economy is down and there are no jobs. $752 million was spent this year to tell you that we cannot afford four more years of “this.” But it is time we heard different opinions.

A visiting professor from Spain came last week and relayed to students the grave state of Spain. Unemployment is at 25 percent nationwide, and for young people--college graduates--it is at 50 percent. In Greece, it is the same: 25 percent unemployment. Apartment buildings are abandoned, restaurants are boarded up. This is true crisis.

The visiting professor said, “Here in the States, there is a feeling of hope and change in the air, but in Spain, it feels cynical, pessimistic. People have no real hope of change.” She turned to a senior worried about applying for jobs and said, “You might not think you have opportunities, but you do. You will all be fine, there are so many more jobs here, do not be worried.” I am here to get behind that idea. We must ignore the haters, the worriers, and stride out boldly into the world.

I know we are nervous. I also know we are all sick of talking about politics. Facebook has become a battleground, Twitter a place for 140-character missiles. There seem to be more questions than answers right now, and some say the questions are more grave than ever.

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How can we unite our country? How can we save the middle class? What will we do about debt? Are there jobs out there for us? What do we do if half of the country--48 percent--believes things are so bad we must change our leadership and chart a completely new course?

No authority can entirely say this view is wrong. I feel things are better; others feel they haven’t improved at all. To be diplomatic, I will say that we cannot be sure about the numbers. But we can be sure about our national attitude. Other nations are suffering from national depression. A cynicism. A hopelessness.

We do not have that problem here. Fiery words and Facebook statuses mean strong emotions. Polarization takes energy; it takes effort to want to secede! We are still capable of feeling something. We still, on some level, think we can change our nation. Now, a fresh dose of perspective. Unemployment is only at 7.9 percent here in our country.

Us Sesqui people are getting ready to fly the nest. We have strong opinions about many things: politics, feminism, gay rights, beer pong rules, Honey Q versus Shuffle Off to Buffalo. But I also know, that for all our assertive opinions, we feel uncertain. What we need now is perspective.

Unemployment is at 7.9 percent. Not 25 percent. I am telling you that right now, our job is to keep the faith. Despite people around us saying our future is certain, our job is to remember that it is. We have opportunities. We have options. We have hope. WE WILL GET JOBS! Things may seem hard in our nation now. Laaaawd knows I hear it from ex-graduates, from the news, from parents: the job market is rough. Well, talk to other people and look at where other countries are. Perspective.

Now brush off your boots, pull yourself up, and with confidence enter the Real World. Help people recognize the hope our citizens have. We must be thankful; we do not wake up truly, deeply afraid. We, as a nation, are not broken. We are far from broken. So do not throw up the white flag in a conversation about the future or about jobs. Know that you WILL be gainfully employed, and happy.

The world awaits! It feels uncertain, but see that for what it is: an opportunity. The nation, the globe, awaits our molding. Let us enter the job market, the global arena, the executive boards, the government, the stock market, the art world! Let us report on it, shape it, critique it, sell it, buy it. We will fill the jobs, BC. We know we have the frustrated energy, I know we have the talent and intelligence, now let us have the faith.

Click on this inspirational song. Wait for Flo to start the chorus, and yell: WE WILL NEVER BE AFRAID AGAIN!



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