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Thanksgiving news reminds disgruntled travelers to be grateful

While traveling around Thanksgiving time is the source of headaches throughout the country, it also provides many reasons for Americans to be thankful. The AP predicts that 43.6 million Americans will be traveling to or from home in the days before and after Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of Arnold C/Wikimedia Commons

While the sheer congestion caused by the amount of people traveling is enough to give the masses reason to grumble and disdain the holiday rush, it is important to remember the things everyone has to be thankful for, especially during Thanksgiving. By carrying the spirit of Thanksgiving with us while we travel, everyone will remain a little more level-headed and humbled while sitting through miles of traffic.

Instead of strangling the obnoxious passenger in the rear of the bus who insists on carrying out a marathon conversation at maximum volume for the first few hours of the trip, take some time to reflect on the positive things in life.

To help you remain calm while braving the bus/train/walk/drive, etc., here is a news round-up this week which reminds many of us to be thankful to be traveling these days instead of facing much bleaker circumstances.

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5) Consider yourself lucky if you were not expecting to pass through New York Penn Station on the day before Thanksgiving. The busiest train station in North America was closed from 5:30-7p.m. due to technical difficulties at literally the busiest hour on the busiest travel day of the year. Yikes!

4) A natural gas explosion in Springfield, MA destroyed two nearby buildings and injured 18 people on Saturday, November 23. Luckily the blast resulted in no fatalities and the heavily-affected nursery school next door was completely empty. This random act of nature should remind everyone that life can be fragile and that it is critical to cherish every day we are given.

3) Black Friday: This one’s twofold. Firstly, be happy that Black Friday exists, because it is a crazy way to get obscenely cheap stuff. And it’s definitely one of the most creative ways to get one’s adrenaline gushing. Secondly, be grateful that you did, in fact, even survive Black Friday! With unfortunate instances of employees and shoppers being trampled to death, shot, and destroying property, be thankful for living through the wholly American experience.

2) Be thankful you are not a turkey.

1) Not to be a real bummer here, but it is important to remember all the privileges we have as Americans and free citizens. Waiting in traffic is a privilege, not a right! It means that we live in a modern, stable, country with functioning roads, vehicles large enough to transport adequate amounts of people to where they need to be, and the opportunity to enjoy a nice meal in the company (hopefully) of those we know and love without fearing for our safety.

So remember: keep calm and travel on. There are many people who would be grateful to be in your place!




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