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Holiday season flies by at BC

It’s that time of year again — those stressful three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

For some of us, we travel decently far for the four-day turkey holiday and return to Boston surprised at how cold it has gotten in just that week. For others, the hour-long drive back to school is filled with dread for how much work needs to be accomplished between that car ride and the next one home. Regardless, BC, along with the rest of Boston, will be buzzing with holiday cheer and it is important to take advantage of a few opportunities to soak it in before the semester draws to an end.

We all know that you have that 20-page paper, the three-hour final, and a 45-minute marketing presentation looming ahead, but there are many easy ways to remain sane during finals. As a Virginia native, I know how important it is to stay warm during these few weeks. By remembering a scarf and your fashionable head wrap, the trek from Walsh to Bapst will be that much more bearable.

Beyond the weather, one way to brighten these weeks is by stringing a few Christmas lights around your dorm or off-campus apartment.  Twinkling lights along with three or four cut-out paper snowflakes can go a long way in lifting your mood every time you come home.

Some low-key nights during finals studying will also ring in the holidays while still allowing for a full night’s sleep. Take Friday night to walk around Faneuil Hall and see the brightly-lit Christmas tree with your roommates. Enjoy a dinner by candlelight at The Fireplace on Beacon St. to relax before a weekend in O’Neill.

Or, my personal favorite, plan Secret Santa with your friends and have a gift exchange party. We’re back at school and these weeks are quickly passing with how much work needs to be accomplished, but remember to enjoy the Christmas spirit at BC!