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Opinion: Maybe keeping the drinking age at 21 isn't so bad after all

As a man who is twice my size checks my ID, I hear my heartbeat in my ears. I put on a confident face and try to breathe as normally as possible. He looks at my ID then back at me, gives it back, and tells me to have a great night. Even though the drinking age is 18 in Korea, I have an anxiety attack every time I’m asked to show my ID because I’m so used to it being 21 in the United States.

Most of the people I’ve talked to in college want nothing more than the legal drinking age to be lowered to 18, and I can see how that would be extremely convenient for college students. BC students would rejoice at the fact that they would no longer have to jump the fence to tailgate in the Mods.

However, I’m one of the very few who would rather have the drinking age stay at 21. Sure, it sucks that we can’t go clubbing, can’t tailgate in the Mods and technically can’t get alcohol, but have you realized that despite the legal age being 21, kids who are 15 have already started to drink? And where the drinking age is 18, kids who are in middle school have already joined the drinking culture?

One of my international friends told me, “The first time I went to a party with alcohol was when I was 12.” And honestly, I was appalled. When I was 12, I was having creepy crushes on boys and still losing my baby fat. I can’t imagine having to handle alcohol or partying the way we do in college. I didn’t even know what alcohol was until high school, I didn’t know what a handle was until college and I definitely didn’t need alcohol to have a great time with my friends.

I don’t think the legal drinking age needs to be lowered. At 18, we get our fair share of alcohol so if the legal age was 18, bars would be catering towards 15-year-olds. But, I’m not going to lie, having a break from the “you have to be 21” rule during the summer is a pretty sweet deal.

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