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Surviving the freshman turkey drop

Thanksgiving freshman year is a milestone for many reasons. Three months of showering with flip flops, eating cafeteria food and missing those closest to you begin to add up, and it’s time for a much-needed break in a familiar place. But Thanksgiving dinner may have been filled with more drama than usual if you were one of many freshmen who got dumped.

After an enjoyable day with family of eating oneself into a coma and giving thanks for one another, many freshmen can’t wait to see their high school sweethearts. Three months of separation has been hard, but things can only get easier now, right?

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving break is the dreadful time of year when many freshmen realize that it just ain’t worth the trouble. Months of scheduling and missing Skype dates, deciphering encrypted text messages and awkward phone conversations eventually take their toll and many couples finally call it quits. The “turkey drop” claims many victims (mostly freshmen) every year. When the promises of summer fade and the harsh reality of a cold winter sets in, many realize they just weren’t meant to be together.

But nowadays, many couples don’t even make it to Thanksgiving. Technology can be used for good just as easily as it can be used for evil when it comes to long distance relationships. Although Skyping is a good way to feel included in each other’s new lives by showing off your dorm room and introducing friends, Skype can also pose a great danger. Breaking up over the phone or through a letter when our parents went to school would have been pretty low, but now you can tell your girlfriend to her face through a webcam that you just want to be friends. It’s a step in the right direction.

However, being so easily accessible to your significant other can be a huge negative if misused. Drunken text messages and phone calls create oodles of distrust and cause tension that cannot be easily diffused with miles of separation. Smothering is also a casualty of constant texting between classes. The mundane “Hey, what’s up?” will only be met with an even duller answer, which can lead to boredom in a once exciting relationship. Communication may be easier than ever, but thousands of text messages and phone calls will never come close to replacing a simple hug.

The harsh reality is that adjusting to college is no easy task. Staying in a high school relationship may have been a comforting security blanket at first, but once each person finds their new niche, it can really be a drain. So whether you went home and got your heart broken or tried to rekindle the old flame, these last few weeks of school should not be spent sulking in your dorm and going to Late Night alone to pick up some munchies before watching The Notebook or Stand By Me.

Don’t wallow in self-sympathy. Whether this break ends up being a bump in the road or the end of the road, now would be a great time to channel your energy into the friends you’ve made so far and into studying for finals. First semester will be over before you know it and you’ll be back home in a jiff, so make the most of these last few weeks because, believe it or not, you’ll be missing the Heights soon enough.

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