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Get Global: International news roundup

Gavel Media brings you a weekly brief recap of important worldwide events and where to get more information.


Morsi assumes power in Egyt, instability continues

President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically-elected leader, declared on Nov. 22 that the constitution he seeks to draft be immune from court interference. This declaration of self-immunity led Egyptians to revolt in Tahrir Square on Nov. 27.

South African economy slumps

Mining strikes have paralyzed the South African economy in which economic growth slid from 3.4 percent in the second quarter to 1.2 percent in the third. The strikes between July and September left 50 dead.


Asian markets take a hit due to fiscal cliff

Asian stock fell on Nov. 27 as a response to the fiscal crisis in the U.S. Asian markets are fearful that, if the consequences of the “fiscal cliff” come to fruition, the world economy will be thrown back into deep recession.

Greater cooperation in China-Indian relations

A Nov. 28 summit on China-India business relations promised cooperation between the markets instead of competition for mutual growth.

North Korea missile test in 3 weeks

Satellite images provide evidence that North Korea will likely seek to launch its second long-range missile this year, marking the first time North Korea has endeavored two launches in one year.


Europe internalizes US fiscal crisis

Europeans are also concerned about the fiscal cliff the U.S. faces, expressing fear for its effects on international markets.

France supports Palestine’s UN bid

European milk board protests at EP

The European Milk Board protested what it views to be unfair milk quotas and low prices by spraying thousands of liters of milk at the building of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Portugal passes tough tax hikes

Portugal passed unpopular tax increases in its 2013 budget due in accordance with the conditions agreed upon while receiving EU bailout money.


Argentina likely to default on debt

Argentina’s credit rating was downgraded due to the likelihood of defaulting on debt due in mid-December.

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