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Behind the scenes: BC BKind Week


This past week marked BC’s first ever “BC BKind” week. The goal of the event was to encourage BC students to do one act of kindness, each day, for five days.  After speaking to one of the event leaders, I discovered that the idea came out of a project for a communications class called “persuasion”.

In the class, students were divided into groups to design a campus-wide event that reflects BC’s mission.  After the groups presented their ideas, students voted on their favorite one and the top seven ideas were carried out as actual events on campus. Examples of other events that were a result of this class include: BC Pride Week, and the BC Naked Mile.

BC Bkind was originally inspired by the Ignatian belief that we are “men and women for others”.  The majority of BC students are involved in serving the greater community through service trips, volunteering around Boston, and donating to charities. However, we rarely focus on the little things we can do on campus to serve each other. BC Bkind looked to shy away from stereotypes like the “BC Lookaway” and towards a kinder campus environment.


In order to promote this event, the group members created a Facebook page, twitter handle (@BC_BKIND), and YouTube video.  Students supporting the event could tweet their acts of kindness or post on the Facebook wall.

According to one of the group members, the event went really well. People have been tweeting at them all week. Though this event was originally created solely for a class, it is something that would be great to continue annually on campus. The creators of this event are graduating this coming year but anyone interested in continuing the BC BKind legacy should get involved!

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