Opinion: Four reasons why freshman guys don't have upperclassman friends

It’s no secret that being a freshman at BC can be tough, especially if you are a guy. Making friends outside of your year can make life much easier though. Upperclassman friends can be a great resource, both for nightlife and academic pursuits.

If you are a freshman and you find yourself with no upperclassman friends after first semester, that's because you are not being proactive. Nevertheless, there are many things that you can do to make friends across all the different classes.

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1. Stop watching Netflix alone and join something already. The academic workload can be overbearing at times, but that should not prevent you from joining some activity. Clubs on campus are one of the few places where freshmen are worth their weight in gold. Without them, upperclassmen have to watch the hard work they put into the club go to waste when they graduate. Joining a club is a great way to meet people across all grades with common interests. You may want to consider joining The Gavel.

2. Talk to the people in your classes. You’re bound to have a mix of different-year students in at least one of your classes; try striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. I’ve found that upperclassmen love to give advice. Whether it is about your intended major, housing or the social scene, they are addicted to spewing out any “wisdom” that they have gained over the years.

3. Don’t fear rejection. There are upperclassmen out there who don’t want to spend time with freshmen, and who especially don’t want random freshmen guys at their parties. But you cannot let being turned down at a Mod stop you from ever talking to upperclassmen.

It’s important for freshman to remember that if you are let in, then the five other guys behind you will try and get in too. It can create some sort of zombie apocalypse scene where freshmen are pressed against the glass doors, trying to pry themselves in, and begin to climb through bathroom windows. Some seniors may feel the need to get aggressive to keep you out, but don’t take it personally.

4. You have to network. If you want to develop a friendship with an upperclassman, you have to work on it. After getting their number, text them to get lunch or hang out sometime. It may sound like you are trying to date them, but it is necessary to put yourself out there if you want friends in different grades.

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Overall, the amount of friends you have in different grades is up to you and you alone. It is unrealistic to expect that by hanging out with the same people all the time that you are ever going to make new friends. So get out there, break down the walls between the grades and meet new people!

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